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  1. R32 progress

    Well it's been slow so far, as I have had a few things hold me up. The loom won't work (Mk4 stuff) so I've had to start sourcing Mk5 electrics which as you can imagine isn't easy to find.

    Engine is ready to come out and the new engine is ready to go in, so all in all making good progress.

    Some pics.

    Engine pretty much ready to come out
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    New engine
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    Updated 5th June 2012 at 1:56 PM by Fanjita

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  2. 1993 Dark Burgundy Pearl VR6 Work to Date!

    Fitted summer 2010:
    Ball joints
    New brake pipe
    288mm Brakes (calipers, new discs and new pads)
    Stripped and rebuilt rear calipers
    New rear discs, bearings, pads

    Not to mention a lot of wire brushing, sanding and painting to kill rust

    Some pics:

  3. 1993 Dark Burgundy Pearl VR6

    Here is my motor, had it about 2 weeks now, no major issues apart from the fuel pipes leaking which have been replaced now!

    -128,000 miles with a reconditioned head (at 127k)
    -De cat
    -Stainless Magnex Exhaust
    -New mounts
    -New Radiator
    -Engine transplanted at 150,000, with 127k on the new engine

    -Cloth Interior
    -LCD screen head unit, bit dodgy though, think the amp might be at fault
    -Parcel ...
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