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  1. Rado VR6 fans not going off and killing the battery, Drivers heated seat not working

    Quote Originally Posted by Asif View Post
    Taken drivers seat out.
    Loosed the 10mm bolt on the front of the seat.
    Pushed chair right back and it slid straight out.

    Had to strip bottom half of seat which was took some time.
    Slowly pulled the (heater element) from seat.

    Checked cables and did a continuity test. Found a bad soldering connection and a break.

    Resoldered and cured fault.

    Put everything back together...

    Can be time consuming if its
  2. Front sub-assembly time

    Last Thursday was spent changing over the front sub-assembly. As with the rear axle, the aim was to recover the one fitted to the car so it could be refurbished and then refitted, along with all new components, bolts and fastenings. So this work is just an interim position. It was a long day, starting at 10.00 and finishing at just after midnight. Not finishing was not an option as the garage space was needed on Friday morning.

    I have been fortunate to have access to a professional ...
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  3. Rear axle refurb

    Right, on with the refurbished rear axle with new discs, bearings and bushes. This is a temporary measure while I refurbish the axle that was on the car which is not as corroded and will look as new when coated. Then it can all be refitted and the initial one used for the Silver VR. Double the work, but the car needed to be mobile for the MOT and due to storage demands.

    Given it looked as though nothing had been undone in 17 years, all went well except for: stripping the head off ...
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