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  1. coil pack advice

    help guys. Ive been having a bit of a cold start and rough idling issue and i'm thinking its the coil pack. I have removed the pack with a view to maybe trying the epoxy fix and discovered that there is no cover on the pack (covers the buzz bars going from the pin socket to the actual coils) hope that desc makes sense. I'm going to seal the pack with resin anyway and see if it works but wonder if anyone has a broken pack with the cover that i could potentially buy or your thoughts as to wether its ...
  2. wheels

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	50167 Pict up sum new wheels day concept p in satin black
    form bit to close two the axel for my likeing so will need two be spacing them about 5 to 8 mm

    moor overtime for the tyres (195 45 16)
  3. Current plans / job list

    With insurance and MOT due in November, I decided to move my satin silver VR6 to the back garden and SORN it for a few weeks while I get a few things sorted at the weekends.

    Important stuff to do include (but by no means limited to!):

    * New rear beam bushes. Got some Powerflex ones months ago that I've not got round to fitting. I was debating whether to use genuine instead, but thought I may as well give the Powerflex a try. Will also be fitting new discs and bearings ...
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  4. c1 vrg

    so what do you think about my ride...
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