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All the corrado owners in the north west area

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  2. Can anybody help me I bought a vw corrado 1.8l 16v with KR engine the throttle body needs changing .. Can I put the throttle body out of a 2.0l corrado KR engine into my 1.8 corrado
  3. Hi, well back in a corrado and would like to get back into the scene a bit more after a while out of it. anyone fancy organising a meet up? Tom
  4. Hello , i've got problem with my corrado g60:when engine is cold everything is fine(starts very good,idles correctly etc.).when engine get top warming and i stop it . I leave the car with engine off for 10 min.and when i started again ,engine start for 1-2 seconds and off....now will not start till i press the pedal(open throttle)let the air get in and will start normal.if i turn engine off and i start again straight on it's fine.(i think it's that time with engine off 10-15 min.somethink). I replaced the :isv and blue coolant sensor!!! Thanks...
  5. So whos going on Monday, Apparently theres a MancUnion convoy leaving from the mcdonalds/pub at the end of the M67 leaving at 8.30 sharp?
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