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Current plans / job list

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With insurance and MOT due in November, I decided to move my satin silver VR6 to the back garden and SORN it for a few weeks while I get a few things sorted at the weekends.

Important stuff to do include (but by no means limited to!):

* New rear beam bushes. Got some Powerflex ones months ago that I've not got round to fitting. I was debating whether to use genuine instead, but thought I may as well give the Powerflex a try. Will also be fitting new discs and bearings
* Locate and fix the water leak, most likely around the fresh air inlet
* Replace temp senders in the hope fan stages 1 and 2 will start to kick in
* Sort the front left caliper after a previous owner sheared the bleed screw (grr)
* Sort the brake master cylinder after I sheared the bleed screw (grr again)
* Replace noisy aux belt tensioner
* Service stuff: new plugs, leads, dizzy cap, rotor, etc

So far the rear axle is almost off but the brake line unions have suffered in the process and they will have to be replaced. Good time to get some new flexi-hoses too. My best friends right now are a heat gun and Plusgas.

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