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Mot or no mot

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I'm after a bit of feedback on an issue I have.

I have a 1996 vr6 storm in blue and it has failed it's mot. At the moment I can't afford (the money or time) to mot it (due to my wedding my wife's birthday christmas my the purchase of my new car) and am considering trying to sell it with no mot. The car is tidy and has 126k on the clock. It runs and drives fantastic and has been my daily runner for nearly 3 years. It has been LPG converted so I could afford to keep it on the road (this can easily be removed if not wanted and would just need a new inlet manifold. The fails consist of 1 shocker a power steering leak a rear wheel bearing a front suspension bush and one of the sills needs welding. The above are the fails but I know that the thermostat housing is cracked and leaks when hot £30 fix. There are a couple of advisorys the other rear wheel bearing and the steering column top bearing is slightly worn. I have lots of spares for the car.

The question I have is is there a market for the car with no mot and what sort of money should I ask. I reckon mot'd it's worth 2500 easily and the mot I reckon is maybe 300 to 400 to do. If done by someone with time and cash it could be sorted for next to nothing as none of the parts mentioned are hard to get or expensive.

Really need your thoughts guys/girls

Thanks much

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