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  1. HIC 3k per year and only £235 with all changes noted very easy to deal with
  2. Will be going but might be on another club stand
  3. Hi guys Let me know when you fancy meeting up I only live up the road I'm part of the local vw dub club Yorkshire dubs we meet every month quite a few of us has Corrado's
  4. Had a great day down at Stanford tried to meet a few people but not many on the stand when I passed ,but I'm sure I will get to meet a few guys at some point shame our stand was so far away .
  5. 3 of us are setting off from Bradford @7:00 so may see you on route will watch out for a group of corrados needing a good buffing :-) sure I'll see you on site at some point
  6. Managed to get on our local club stand looking forward to meeting every one
  7. lows the way to go Ray Really good to meet you is good to put my own unique stamp on a Corrado will update build thread today at some point Hope to get to annual meet and see you again
  8. Just a big Thank you to Ray and his son for using the VAG COM helped me find a rear ABS Fault
  9. Hi Ray Not managed to get the vagcom sorted are you still alright to bring yours?
  10. Ray I will be going but not able to stay all day hopefully I will get the VAGCOM sorted before I come but will drop you a line if needed
  11. Is there any one in the Bradford area with a 16pin vagcom?
  12. I will be going but cant stay all day other wise I would go on the club stand Has any got a VAGCOM who's going could do with a plug in ,cars a bit sluggish bottom end maybe crank sensor
  13. That's great I have been looking on the CCGB but nothing was listed I'll put my name down
  14. Is there any intentions of a stand this year ? Any one going?
  15. spiderfish

    Roof rail trim

    Any one got a set of roof trims I need both sides if possible
  16. Thanks guys got a set now Please close thread
  17. Thanks Ian I really need the full set but thanks for looking for me
  18. I'm after a set of HT lead holders the 3 pieces on top the engine inlet manifold The previous owners of the car didn't fix an oil leak and now there a nice orange colour Can any one help
  19. Thanks Harrier I've just registered with CCGB could you or any other member send a message to the forum admin about my interest in the last place please It won't let me do it myself until my account has been approved by the admin Thanks again Mark
  20. Is there still room for one more? Aiming to have my build finished by then and I would be good to meet up with you guys
  21. spiderfish

    Rear lights

    Thanks ginger but just ordered a tinting kit but if it all goes wrong I'll drop you a line Thanks again
  22. It been a bit of time since my last post but managed to sneak in to the garage every now and again Started to clean the engine bay and soon found out that oil sticks to every thing and a pain to get off I wish the previous owner had replaced the PCV valve when it broke:twisted: Off came the air filter , inlet manifold and TB just thought I give them a quick rub over then 7 hours later and sore fingers a nice polished manifold and TB Going to give the bay a good going over this weekend and refit every thing
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