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  1. Great to meet you today Tim, and thanks again. I'll try and get them fitted tomorrow, if She Who Must Be Obeyed will give me the time!
  2. Sounds good to me! As well as being very good of you! I'll pm you when I can say what time I can make it if that's OK? I need a half day pass from the wife ;) But this Saturday could be a go-er.
  3. Thanks for replying Jim. I'll take them if they're still available, should be able to collect at a weekend too.
  4. If Jim doesn't want them I'll be next in line please :)
  5. Yes pal all weekend, just give us a bell wen ya ready

  6. Hi, are you around this weekend at all?

  7. 56 Highfield rd, Clipstone, ng21 9er

    Drop us a txt if need be pal 07940 952252

  8. Can you PM me your address dude? We'll figure out a time that we can both make next!
  9. Hi, what paint code is the boot lid, and what condition is it in?
  10. Brunty

    Roll cage help

    I'm more experienced with real cages, but if you have a Google for blue book, roll cage mounting, it'll give you the correct way to mount one.
  11. I treated the wife to a trackday at Donington for her birthday in October. She's not driven on track before and didn't want to use her car (new Scirocco), so I planned on taking my (lightly) track prepared Mk2 Scirocco. Unfortunately the clutch decided it couldn't handle enough torque any more so we took the Corrado instead. Probably a good thing given the weather conditions! I showed her the way round. (See the heat haze? ) And she put some great laps in, not always in particularly nice conditions :? Car performed really well, I was impressed overall. Only a little problem surfaced with regards to oil cooling. Or lack thereof.
  12. Oh, and I've found that the VR6 block & crank isn't a particularly easy one man lift out of the boot...
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