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  1. Hi All, I Rang up my local stealers for a quote on a new G60 flywheel as I am doing the tdi gearbox and vr6 clutch upgrade. I received a quote of £220 inc VAT, however he had to check if the part was still available. Just recieved a call back to say that part is in stock in Germany and the price has come down to £130, result! He couldn't tell me why the price had come down so much though - any thoughts? So if anyone is thinking of of buying a G60 flywheel, now seems to be a good time. Liam
  2. Mr lobitos, Would it be possible to get a quote for Michelin Supersports in 255/30/19 please? Many thanks.
  3. You would be suprised with insurance, it's not as bad as you think! Ring up a load of specialists and shop around. IIRC I was paying around 1k on my 20vt rado at 19/20 with a whole heap of mods, wheels, coils, brakes, interior etc etc
  4. My '94 rado has been de-catted, havent had any issues with MOTs. Obviously depends were you take it though!
  5. awesome, thanks a lot!
  6. Bumping this up Surely someone has a decent grill lying around?! I can also trade my current badged grill with missing top tabs. Cheers
  7. Hi All, Looking for a badged grill with all cilps intact. My current one has lost all of its clips and so flaps about as I am driving. Currently rocking the de-badged one which I am not a fan of. Thanks Liam
  8. I feel your pain! I am also contemplating starting from fresh and re-newing as many parts as I can. My rado has been my daily for the last 2 years, bought it on 62k and its already on 94k! Time to look for a sensible daily, park up the corrado, and take a break . Really is a love/hate thing with these cars
  9. Green rado spotted in Worton on Friday, havent seen one in the area before. Looked really clean.
  10. welcome, looks lovely! I am only up the road in Devizes so hopefully I will see this around at some point!
  11. 1.8t in wiltshire, South would be great! Would love to go to a Corrado meet
  12. My C also used to always sit at around 70c. New thermostat didnt change anything. Recently my oil cooler gave way resulting in my coolant system being full of oil. Spent 2 days giving the system a good flush. Since then my temp has been at a constant 90ish when driving along going up to 100-110c in traffic. Perhaps a good coolant flush could help things? One thing I did notice was that I have a 87c thermostat, so sitting at a constant 90c does that mean my fan is constantly on, does this effect the performance of the car at all if it is always cooling?
  13. Missed this thread, funny old thing I had exactly the same problem happen to me on Thursday last week on my rado (20vT), coolant full of oil. Seems like I was luckier though as a new oil cooler fixed mine :)
  14. The tread of the tyre has to be under the arch (which it is, just) the wheel can then protrude from the arch by a maximum of 30mm (I think). I havent had any issues with the police though.
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