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  1. Took her for a peaceful drive to the skatepark.
  2. Anybody selling an ecode harness?
  3. Ebc rotors and brembo pads (I'm switching to ebc red stuff or ceramic hawk, since I don't like the brembo pads at all)
  4. Poured some seafoam in the gas tank and a little bit in the vacuum line to the tb. No smoke whatsoever. Is this normal or what? Didn't see any on startup and didn't see any while driving. Lol
  5. SS borla exhaust with 2 tt tuning resonators and 42 draft design hi flow cat. Love it, sounds very throaty and has held up quite well. It's very quiet while cruising at low speeds but when you give it a little more gas it starts getting very "g35". Can't go wrong on a vr6! :)
  6. Got this dual ss tailpipe installed since the borla came with a plain boring tailpipe. ( I actually noticed a significant sound difference)
  7. This is exactly what I would like to install on my Corrado! It would be about 1700 US.
  8. Thanks you guys, I appreciate it. I'm digging for my old phone so I can transfer my pictures to my new one so I can post them up. Yes I'm in the us. :) It's winter over here with a 60 degree low.
  9. I'm a new member on this forum. This is my second Corrado. I saved it from being a spare parts car (whatever it had left). I bought this in late December of last year and it was pretty much a car that was neglected to the max. Paint was gone body was beat to death, dings everywhere missing everything. Not sure of what I would expect from a car that had no sign of a heartbeat in anyway still, I bought it. Overhauled the whole cooling system. New kw v2's. tt,42dd,borla exhaust system with 42dd hi flow cat. Single row sprocket conversion and chains. Many, many, many, other things. Pretty much everything to make this a daily driven car without having to worry about anything. (It's my work horse to everywhere). It's all there now. Lol I'm still not done. Thank you guys and gals.
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