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  1. Thanks Tigerfish, it is a very tidy car 2 owners 130k, I bought it back in 2014 as I'd had one back in 1995 which as it turns out is in the top 3 of my favourite cars I've owned (getting on a bit now!) Since then it's had paint, rear beam out and refurbed, B12 suspension now half in, I got hold of quite a few new parts back then including the VDO gauges plus a extremely tidy (looks new) heated leather interior out of 20k Corrado. I have bursts of enthusiasm on it! but dare I say it but I do have moments when I consider selling when progress is slow/stand still 😮 All the best - Paul
  2. Hi, Hoping to do more on my VR6 this year, it has been collecting dust for too long! Just need to get the drive shaft out of the wheel bearing housing for starters! Few pics below:
  3. Thanks Sean, think I'll have to wait until things get back to being a bit more normal and get a garage to sort, was hoping to to do a bit on the Corrado while I have more time on my hands!
  4. Thanks Sean, did you get a garage to do for you or do you have your own press? if your own could I ask what type.
  5. Thanks Fla, yes that's probably the best option, the reason for doing is to replace bearings. Cheers - Paul
  6. Could I ask what type of press you used?
  7. Hi, What is the best way to remove the drive shaft from the wheel bearing housing on my 1995 VR6, It's been soaked in plusgas but no joy! See pic below: Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks - Paul
  8. Hi Edd, I've used this Redditch company for my powder coating and they come highly recommended, website address below: http://www.redditchshotblasting.co.uk Cheers - Paul
  9. Cheers Sean, Just ordered one, thought these were only available over the pond! Much appreciated - Paul
  10. Hi Massbad69, Could I ask what the full fitting kit comprises of for the rear brake compensator valve and where you purchased from? this is a job I'm just doing on mine, I have the new valve but will need new bolts etc. as the the old ones didn't survive! Cheers - Paul
  11. Hi, This is something I need to factor in before too long, could I ask which option your going for on the very nice restoration of your Corrado? Cheers - Paul
  12. Hi Dox, I'll take a set of the MK4 front 288mm please, let me know how you want paying. Cheers - Paul
  13. Funny, nearly spat me cuppa out at that comment! thank you kind sir.
  14. Thanks chaps, I imported it from Texas in 2003 nice honest numbers matching car, small block V8 289cui 4 speed manual, didn't need for much but that didn't stop me pulling it apart (why do we do that!) and restoring which took 6 years, seem to find myself in the same situation again with the Corrado! couple of pics below: Cheers - Paul
  15. Cheers Andy, all there is to do now is pluck up the courage!
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