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  1. Totally spot on 8) I put 17x8 inch alloys on my 200 (chavvy Momo GT2's) and they tram lined badly, slowed acceleration and generally felt terrible... I removed them and installed some 16x8.5 alloys that are forged (300z) and weigh LESS than the standard rims and all the problems went... Weight of the rim is the issue - not the size - find a rim lighter than standard and it will be fine.
  2. Thats because compared to the SR20DET the VR engine is a tractor engine :lol: - it has 6 cylinders but is pretty basic in that respect... 2 valves per cylinder.
  3. It is VERY over-engineered 8) - we are starting to see 700-800bhp SR20DET engines... But yes its the GTIR engine :D Except the 200 has decent brakes and clutch as standard ;)
  4. LOL :D - Clear indicator prices shocked me as well... but I didnt buy them - they were a present from my best mate for bday :D - Kev: the gearbox is pretty much on the limit with that sort of power and it is his next job eventually but its holding up well - about 400bhp is the limit on the gearbox then its time for upgrade... they usually start blowing at around 400 - 450bhp... Rear diff / prop can take pretty much anything - known cars with 600bhp on forum on standard diff - no problem at all... APEX is building a 700bhp monster with an imported HOT engine and will be using standard diff and prop :D
  5. Should have got the touring model mate, free skirts ;) Gorgeous motor though, I miss mine :( Didnt want touring model as it has gay leather which is no good for cornering :-P plus the non touring model is rarer ;) My car does have a few options over the non touring model anyway that even touring models didnt get! 8)
  6. What did I tell you eh... ;) :-P
  7. Totally agree mate ;) Hence why I have bought ALL the mods 2nd hand to save cash and when comes to sale time I will return it to standard and sell the mods on again therefore selling the car easily (as standard again) and getting the money back on mods... Saying that its not all about the money ;) I love the front end.... like the side view (sideskirts coming this week) and HATE the rear end :D lol
  8. Thanks Kev :D To get over 300bhp requires a fair bit of dosh spending matey... and with a wedding just paid for I'm a little broke :D Next stage is to take it to 'stage 2' which is circa 320-350bhp and requires: - NISMO 555 Injectors - Standalone Fuel Management (Power FC / SAFC2 / Custom Mapping) - FMIC - GT28RS Turbo (larger) running at 17-18psi... - 300zx TT Air flow unit Although a few guys have done without the turbo and still got just over 300bhp... although the limit of standard turbo is 17psi (not advised to run it at that)... My mate has the above spec but also had engine rebuilt with forged lower compression figures and it had rolling roaded today... Result: With a air leak and just 16psi it got 351bhp and nearly 400lbft torque :D - once the mapping is set up correctly it should be good for 380bhp @ 20psi !!! Other things I want to do is change the suspension for NISMO coilovers and whiteline ARB's and also fit some buddy club alloys :D
  9. Just dont sell a VR6 Corrado for an S14a ;) - I miss mine :(
  10. They do fold down yes but not to the extent that the Corrado does.... you get a good size hole to fit stuff through once drop the seat down... the boot is not as big as the Corrado's though due to the RWD transmission...
  11. For a mate ;) Mines not going anywhere :lol:
  12. ... and watch as the engine self destructs from boost spikes :roll: Do it properly... either buy a dedicated boost controller (like AVCR) or buy a Dawes device (we call them Bren devices on sxoc) which is about £35 and will control the boost level and prevent spiking that damages the engine.... If you are going to run higher than 12psi then an uprated Walbro fuel pump and a colder grade set of spark plugs are well advised. Dont run any higher than 15psi on standard fuel injectors - the fuelling runs at 100% at 15psi under full load :shock: Boost guage is ESSENTIAL if you are messing about with the boost - if you spike and hit more than 15psi you run the risk of detonation and 200 engines are not cheap :-P A nice stage one car needs the following: Induction kit Decats (two of them) Exhaust Boost Controller Plugs Walbro Fuel Pump That will cost approx £800 if all brand new parts... or less than £500 2nd hand .... Run it @ 15psi and you will see around 250-260bhp with torque to match 8) Hope that helps ;)
  13. Its good but I'd still have a Corrado VR6 8) But I have long gone since given up finding a good one but if anyone wants to swap my 200 for a mint VR6 Corrado then would be interested :lol:
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