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  1. Awesome to find the opposite connector to keep it OEM. Mine just arrived today. I’m finally going to tackle this at the weekend. I’ll be wiring the first stage to one fan, 2nd stage will run both (with a diode so the first stage doesn’t run both) and 3rd stage will instead be wired to an OEM de-mister dash switch and will also run both fans.
  2. Hi folks, I know these are as rare as hens teeth, but I'm really keen to mount my new Stack gauges in an OEM 52mm centre-console gauge holder. Does anyone have one? Thanks! Phil.
  3. Hi folks, Thanks for the info. I managed to find an appropriate AG loom nearby and have refurbished it with Tesa tape :thumbleft: Best, Phil.
  4. Hi folks, I'm changing my car from dizzy to coilpack, but the ECU and engine bay loom I have aren't compatible. So I'm looking for a coilpack engine loom ('93 onwards/pre '95). OR an immob bypassed late ECU. Thanks! Phil.
  5. Hi chap, I'll take this off your hands :-) Best, Phil.
  6. Thanks Ian! Mahle rings ordered.
  7. Hi there, I'm currently rebuilding the bottom end of my ABV motor and it looks to have no ovalisation, which is good news. This means I'm looking for some new OE spec piston rings. Can people recommend Mahle? The price of OE parts seems rather excessive. Does anybody also know who the manufacturers of the OE parts is? Thanks, Phil.
  8. unclean

    4-pin VR6 MAF

    Hi there, As per the title; I'm looking for a 4-pin VR6 MAF as I'm converting my engine to coilpack and have the 4-pin ECU and loom. Anybody have one kicking around? Best, Phil.
  9. No worries, please let me know if it falls through. I'm happy to come and collect as I'll be passing by Perth in a couple of weeks :)
  10. Hi there, I'm refurbishing my front subframe and I'm wondering if folks would advise against/for using these Powerflex bushings? https://www.vwheritage.com/shop/WC40785250/front-sub-frame-bushes-powerflex-mk2-golf-jetta-corrado-set/ I've avoided polybushes elsewhere to avoid making the car too harsh, but these seem like they wouldn't make much difference. Any thoughts or alternative suggestions? Cheers, Phil.
  11. Update, it looks the original brown/white wire has been replaced with the brown/red wire on the yellow two-pin connector in the new loom, which goes to the aux water pump in both instances (similar to what Swiftkid said). The black/red wire w/single red connector on the old loom has been combined into the yellow two-pin connector on the new loom, but is for the yellow coolant temperature plug in both instances. Was a bit of a mission tracing these as the pinouts on the 42-pin engine loom connector have very different pinouts between the two era of looms! To confirm if anyone comes here from google, the early loom is part number 536 971 072 AS and the late is 536 971 072 DJ. Now I've just got to change the connectors for those two wires and also source a new MAF sensor, as the late one also uses a 4-pin, which I believe is hot-film instead of the original 5-pin hot-wire sensor. Cheers, Phil.
  12. John, we may certainly have to have chats about commissioning another undertray! I've been looking for a functional diffuser for a while too, so if you do decided to productise any parts developed, as I'm sure there's lots more little tricks learned, then certainly reach out here and I'm sure you'll have a lot of interested folks. :-)
  13. Hi John, Great to see progress on this, and wow, what progress! Absolutely love the custom centre diff and under tray. Very much look forward to seeing this come to life. Hope the S3 is going well too. Cheers, Phil.
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