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  1. Haha yeah, I'm still officially based in Toronto, but on a 3 month joll...*cough* er work secondment to Sao Paulo. Sadly haven't been able to kidnap a burly lumberjack (Toady would get jealous), but there's definitely some very distracting sights in Brazil... I'm going to be here til just after the Olympics and then who knows, but would be good to trundle down to a CF gathering when I'm next back in the UK!
  2. Haha not actually my car, but seemed fitting :) Work has been a bit of a mental whirlwind recently, but gonna get a few months to chill in Sao Paulo starting in June, so should be good fun!
  3. Ohh man this looks superb, but alas I'm currently in Sao Paulo for a few months, so got this as my pretty pimped ride. The heshe's are loving it.
  4. Plenty of ideas on 419 eater :lol: http://www.419eater.com/html/hall_of_shame.htm
  5. http://www.knfilters.com/filter_facts.htm#WORD Seems to imply that you'd need a 10 micron or finer filter... so not convinced they'll really do a better job than any other 'performance' filter...
  6. Especially if you've got Recaros...
  7. Haha the bulldozer is cool, but how awesome is this Rubik's Cube solver??
  8. Haha so err just all the important bits then? :D
  9. Haha you just did exactly what I was planning on doing, but there must be a way to get all the necessary parts. CF group buy? :lol:
  10. Hehe this is way too awesome, especially as that V8 has a parts list and instructions! I just found that you can buy individual parts from Lego too, so I wonder how much the parts for that V8 would be... http://shop.lego.com/pab/ It also looks like they used LDraw to design the engine, which sounds like it's a better app for design than Lego's own one - www.ldraw.org Oooh and www.bricklink.com
  11. That is some crappy news about the multiple grittings, but as the guys say - there's not really a lot you or the gritting drivers can do about it. It's a risk of winter driving as much as slithering off the road into a ditch is :( On the plus side - at least there aren't any snow routes in the UK. In Canada if there's more than 2" of snow on the ground it's illegal to park on a lot of streets. So if they find your car parked on the street and they have time, they might tow it, but chances are they'll just take the snow plough down the street anyway and bury your car in the snow/misc other crap...and fine you for the privilege :)
  12. I'm not sure if I should hate your become your best friend :D :norty: Not jealous at all though... much... :D
  13. So alas she has finally gone to a new home. It was tough saying goodbye, but I honestly don't think she could have found a better owner - she'll definitely be well looked after and loved by neuon2003 :) viewtopic.php?f=11&t=82161
  14. There was definitely a lump in my throat as I watched you drive away, but I'm very happy that the old girl has gone to a very loving home :) IT's good to know that someone else agrees that all the hard work on the mechanical bits was worth it - there's nothing like a Corrado-induced grin :D Oh and if you should happen to find any dead ferrets in the boot, if you could send them back to Toad, that'd be much appreciated :lol:
  15. Can I suggest updating the above, to mention that an O ring is needed when replacing the sensor? I just bought a genuine blue coolant sensor but wasn't advised to buy O-ring N 903 168 02 at the same time - very annoying. Cheers Chris Ah yes, forgot about the O-rings! First post updated :)
  16. I wonder if the bright orange Challenger comes with?
  17. Not directly applicable, but I looked into shipping my C across to Canada and you're looking at about £1,000, but that was to Halifax on the east coast. If you wanted it trucked across to the west coast, then you'd be looking at considerably more money, then obviously another £1,000 to ship it back. For that kind of wedge, you could hire something fun for a couple of weeks! ;) Annnnd then you've got all the customs stuff to worry about as well. You want to do your research on that front, although if you get in touch with a shipping company, they'll probably know the rules too.
  18. Ooooh nice! I've seen a gleaming black one of these purring around the streets of Toronto and the thing looks mean :norty: Would be awesome to have a play in one too... :luvlove: Edit: Oh and Kev - the list price for these is about the same in the US - the base model there is $80,000 + tax, so about £50k. They're actually even more in Canada, but such is the way.
  19. Also worth noting that the wishbones will only slide out towards the front of the car. Whacking them with a mallet to get them in sideways doesn't work. Trust me.
  20. Move to Members Gallery - you only need to get posts approved in the For Sale section ;) Sounds good though - welcome aboard and get some pics up! :)
  21. From what I've read on the 350Zs - anything other than the GT pack doesn't seem worth bothering with, but nearly all of them are GTs anyway. The engine was also swapped for a newer, more reliable and more powerful one, along with some light facelifting in 2006. Apparently the easiest way to tell is the rear lights - if they're normal bulb ones then it's the old style, if they're LED ones then it's the new style car. Have fun on the test drives though - it'll be interesting to hear what you think :)
  22. Well if you want an E30 to track, there's a whole race series for doing it as cheaply as possible - http://www.pbmwc.co.uk/about/ ;) Edit: Oh and yeah Porkers are a bit common really aren't they? :lol:
  23. Haha, a shared MkII track car between 2 or possibly 3 would be brilliant. You'd need to work out who looks after it, who works on it, who pays for parts and who gets to use it when though. No reason why you can't all take it to a track day and alternate sessions though. It's good fun going with someone else driving the same car as you can compare notes/braking points/techniques and there's a bit more of a "team" type spirit to it. Anything here to whet your appetite? http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/list.asp?s=29 Walesy - those pictures always pop into my head whenever I think Exige/Elise now :lol: I do desperately want a white Exige... And yeah Wendy - if you think reversing a Z4 is bad, try an Exige - it has no rear window :lol: I have decided that my Toronto living plan will be to be carless for the first year. I shall rent as/when/if I need a car and use public transport/heel-toe express for the first year. That should then gives me enough time to work out where I'm going to be and what I really want as well as time to save cash. If I can afford an Exige and trundle it over to track days by then, I'll be uber happy. An Exige is a border-line daily driver in the UK, but there's no question it'd have to hibernate in Toronto -29 and bare metalwork in the car is definitely not conducive to a fun driving experience. Not to mention the big chunks of ice in the road.
  24. Well it depends on what you want really. If you want something that's fun on the road and decent to throw around a track every now and then, a Corrado is ok. But it's a road car. They're relatively fairly heavy, rare, expensive for parts and there's not a huge amount of track-specific off-the-shelf mods you can get for them. If you're going to be buying a second car just to be a track nail, then you want a track car that's barely road legal. My favourite for this would be an Exige for the reasons I mentioned in my last post. You can still (sort of) use it as a daily driver too. On a low-budget front - Golfs are cheap as chips, light once you've stripped them and there's a ton of track gear you can get for them. Same with 205 GTIs, although they're getting a bit rare now. They will also be very much nails. Aesthetics don't come into it much. If you've got a bit more money, any kind of Caterham/Westie/Dax - particularly the bike engined Dax Rush's are mental fun and you can still drive them to/from the track. If you've never been in one, I can whole heartedly recommend having a go just to appreciate the complete and utter madness of them. Even moderately powerful ones make a heavily modded Corrado feel very tame by comparison. The properly insane Hybusa turbo will ones leave black 11s on the tarmac with a brown streak down the middle :lol: They are truly, truly enormous fun :D Now if you're really going for a proper track car, that's in no way shape or form road-legal - how about a bike engined Radical? Proper silly and they have their own race series' too. But then you need a trailer and something to tow it... It's all about what you really want - whatever you do, as soon as you get into doing regular track days, your wallet will empty very quickly :lol:
  25. If you want a proper track car, the Corrado is not it, nor is it a good starting point for one. If you're not worried about looks, you'd be better off getting a track stripped and prepped Golf or 205. If you've got a bit more cash to throw at a track car, get a Westie or Caterham or somesuch - uber bang for your buck, especially if you buy one second hand. The only problem is you'd need to get your hands dirty on it a lot as they're all hand built. I still very much like the idea of an Elise or Exige for track weaponry. They look mean enough to eat your children, they are absolutely wonderful to drive and (relatively) cheap to run. Especially if you buy a newer one with the Toyota engine. Of course if you're looking at that kind of wedge to spend on a "second" car - why not get a Cayman and use it for both jobs? You know you want to ;) I've also not driven a 350Z... or 370Z either, so I'd be interested to hear what you think... And on the second hand price front - I've heard a few people saying the prices are going up. Nobody's buying new cars these days, so the demand for second hand ones has gone up, thus the price has too.
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