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  1. Thanks for your quick reply. I will do that tomorrow. Do you think the proportioning valve would cause an issue or if the rigid lines were incorrectly installed in the wrong ports on the valve? I could with a drawing or diagram just to double check its done correctly.
  2. Hi guys. I have a problem that my passenger front brake is stuck on without retracting when the brake pedal is released. The drivers is doing it a little but not as much as the passenger. It is pretty much solid. I know the calipers are fine. Rears are free. I have checked them and the sliders are all greased and doing there job properly. I have new copper lines throughout and new braided hoses. The car was originally a KR but now is a 1.8T. I bought the car with a dead engine. I have fitted 280mm discs with girling calipers and ebc green stuff pads. The rears are all new with a polo gti hub conversion with mk4 rear calipers. The only thing that is not new are the master, servo and brake proportioning valve. Has anyone had a similar snag? The front brakes are new and fully greased and sliding how they should. I am literally pulling my hair out now. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance. Rich
  3. Thanks for the offer but I really want to keep the manual windows.
  4. Yeah keep fit windows. Less to go wrong in my opinion ha ha It does have electric mirrors though
  5. Hi guys. I am after a mint pair of front door cards non electric type. They appear to have a slight green fleck in them if that helps
  6. Must be mint. And have the hole for keep fit windows. Mine have peeled all up the top
  7. Someone bought the rest of the car so all gone now
  8. It does work but I have someone interested in it. I will let you know either way
  9. All parts available apart from headlights, scuttle, exhaust and intercooler setup. Has a 1.9 tdi ahu conversion running approx 130bhp Located in Helston Cornwall
  10. Yes mate that is not a problem. I will get them off the car and have a good look at them and let you know
  11. I do know someone who commutes from Cornwall to Portsmouth quite regularly
  12. I would be looking at £40 each for them plus whatever it will cost to post them. My wife works in logistics so they will be bubble wrapped up to death
  13. Ive got a good pair of late wings in Flash red coming my way soon. Im picking it up the car on the 19th May for breaking
  14. Sorry I thought I put a price up. £35
  15. In grey no rot. Can post but I'll need your postcode for a quote Located in Camborne Cornwall
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