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  1. Some pics from car show collective Sunday
  2. Been busy over the last couple of weeks wiring tucking the bay, start this week shaving it ;)
  3. Harry_G60

    G60 intercooler

    Hi I'm in need of a standard 91" g60 intercooler (early) or a after market fmic setup with pipe work Anyone able to help out in desperate need,
  4. Bit of a update not much has changed but cracking on with tidying the bay now :)
  5. Awesome work look forward to some more pics :) p.s. Is it possible for a underside pic of the exhaust so I can see how you ran the twin exit ?
  6. How times have changed, work horse to show horse
  7. Thanks pleased it got noticed :)
  8. Such a great day at early edition :)
  9. Some pics from the crew I'm in gutenstance
  10. Yeah mate already been patched :) How it currently looks lol having new rear panel :)
  11. Nothing like finding a rust hole on the golf.
  12. Hi everyone have a problem with the car Basically the other day my temp light flashed, so when the engine was cool I check the levels and topped it up a tiny bit, that didn't solve the issue, I have replaced the blue and black sensor, bleed the coolant system and thought job done, the temp gauge reads 120c and the light flashing, oil temp on the MFA rises to 152 whilst on tick over then suddenly dropped to 108 in the space of 10 seconds, since then I haven't driven the car, but the car isn't acting like it's over heating the fan kicks in but I don't think it's kicking in at the correct temp, low and fast speed both work. Someone help out pleased as really puzzled, maybe wiring sensor issue ??
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