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    Gearbox oil

    Hi My vr6 is running a 6-speed manual VW motorsports gearbox, and I want to do a gearbox oil change, but can't seem to find anywhere what oil is going to be best to use... Not even VW will tell me. Anyone know what sort of premium stuff I can run to keep looking after my gearbox the best I can? Help is much appreciated.
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    Follow my new page dedicated to my outstanding car! http://m656fvc.tumblr.com/ About to reach 130,000 miles!
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    This is my latest VR6, I've just picked it up from Cambridgeshire - and it is unlike any other Corrado i've ever driven. It's lived in a garage for the past 13 years and the previous owner is a 67 year old, who was forced to sell because his 63 year old wife couldnt get in and out of the car any more!! I took it to my mechanic (The Mototworks, Gloucester), to get it on the ramp and we couldn't believe it when we saw it's fitted with a pricey VW-Motorsports 6-speed gear box, rear stiffening struts, a Milltek stainless steel backbox and exhaust, aftermarket suspension (not coilovers) and to top it all off, essentially rust free to the extent where stone chips are the only real issue. I've already ordered a touch up pen from VW cheltenham using the paint code in the service manual. The car is technically Moonlight Blue (black with blue metallic flakes), with grey leather interior. Great to see the retro look so well maintained. [ATTACH=CONFIG]79284[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]79285[/ATTACH] Expect many more pics and details as I uncover them!
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