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  1. Hi all, For those of you with G60's that haven't yet checked for boost leaks Do it now! It's easy to do and (if you have a big leak like I did) could make a massive difference to the power, driveability and enjoyment of your car. I'd already checked for leaks from the charger exhaust outlet to the throttle body using some 50mm PVC waste pipe fittings and a bicycle valve cut from an old inner tube. I came up with this method of checking the entire system (I haven't seen it on a forum before so i thought I'd share). Take the PVC fitting you drilled and mounted the bike valve in, remove the air filter (leave the rubber pipe attached to the charger). Now push the PVC into the end of the pipe and use the clamp to seal it (see pic). Now you can use a pump to pressurise the entire boost system. Initially I used my kite pump but the air was leaking out as fast as I could pump it in, turned out there was a huge leak at the S/C plastic silencer. After I fixed the leak I was able to pump the entire system up (using a bike pump)to half a bar (you can see the air box hose expanding!) and it took several minutes to leak down to atmospheric. The system will never hold pressure indefinitely as it will leak past the rings The difference in performance right across the rev range is huge! :dance:
  2. My local tuner knows digifant but not G60's. Anything specific he must be aware of?
  3. that was my concern. Oh well I guess it's back to smaller pulley and a remap. The way that VW have designed the G60 is baffling, a supercharger that essentially acts like a turbo :scratch: maybe it was cutting edge 20 odd years ago but now just seems well err... eccentric to say the least! Matt I'm overseas would you recommend an off the shelf chip e.g. SNS (not sure what OCD offer) or a piggyback mapped on the rolling road (done locally obviously)? Any advantages/disadvantages (apart from the obvious)
  4. @ Redfox, some really good info there thanks. @ Matt, You've hit the nail on the head! the car is essentially setup as N/A until WOT! I am quite happy to sacrifice some fuel economy to get more progressive power. (getting too old to drive around with my foot flat all the time :( ) Have you ever adjusted the boost valve? Do you think this is acheivable?
  5. Have you tried any of the other chips prior to sns? What setup do you have?
  6. By the time you add shipping and duty at this end the price difference is irrelevant (over 18 Rand to the Pound doesn't help either) I'm more concerned about, future support and the no lag programming (is this real or just marketing BS?) The garage that I would use for the tuning have been recommended by a number of independent sources and have a very good reputation on the racing and tuning scene. What makes SNS so good?
  7. @ Album56 that is exactly my concern, whilst the theory seems to have merit I don't want to bugger anything up in terms of driveability. Perhaps the only way this could be managed properly would be a modern fly by wire setup with the ecu controlling the boost valve. Outta my budget and level of expertise! @ Riley - I'm not sure I agree when your at WOT but that's what got me thinking about adjusting the boost valve in the first place. Essentially what we are doing is taking an engine S/C setup where the engine can never (or rarely) use all of the boost available. this means that most of the boost is being recirculated most of the time? Then we go and stick a smaller pulley on creating even more boost that the engine cannot use?!? It just seems a very inefficient setup What sort of gains do peeps see if they leave the pulley alone and just get a new chip?
  8. Hi yeah it's a G60, well deduced :) As for open circuit, closed circuit I haven't got a feck'n clue! I know a fair bit about engines but sod all about management.
  9. It's going to cost me the equivalent of 170 quid to have a custom map made for my car with a piggyback chip on the rolling road. Can you guys give me any advice about the pros and cons of going this route? SNS advertise heavily about their 'no lag' programming. How do they achieve this and will any chip do the same thing?
  10. So I thought this was as good a place as any to start listing the work/mods that i do to my C. This is what I've been busy with so far... I don't have too many pics but I'll post some up when I get a chance. Mechanical A full service. Full charger rebuild. Bearings, seals and apex strips from MaxRPM.de Home port job on charger outlet, no idea what 'stage' but about 30% larger than standard. Plastic boost pipe destroyed by battery acid, replaced with stainless steel pipe I/C cleaned and pressure tested New S/C oil feed pipe. New front discs (nightmare to find) New front brake hoses Rear disc skim and full caliper rebuild Subframe removed for painting steering rack rebuilt (monumental PITA to refit) New control arm bushes (Poly) New Engine mounts (gearbox mount is a pig) New tie rod ends New ball joints Complete cooling system flush (now running G12) New thermostat and low temp fan switch New blue and black temp sensors Power steering flush Lots of vacuum hose replaced (still got lots left to do) Cosmetics Spoiler motor rebuild spoiler slider tubes rebuilt (internal pins were sheared) passenger window motor rebuilt, plastic top cable housing stay replaced with a trusty hose clamp
  11. @Sean Maybe that's a Durban thing? As far as I'm concerned they both count :smug: @Krishen Ya (that's Ja to Sean) there are feck'n millions of the little buggers, it does make me laugh when you see one with rims and a zorst that are worth more than the rest of the car. A yearly MOT would see half of them off the road (shame they don't have that here). The VW scene here is massive so most of the mechanical parts are easy to come by or have rebuilt (like my steering rack) and pretty cheap too :)
  12. Ha ha that'll consist of several blokes standing around one car either :epicfail: or :drinking:
  13. I see that "Ya" has stuck with you all these years...:) Glad you had a good time when you were here, let me know if you're ever coming over this way again.
  14. Good job, I wish I was better at taking pics of the things I do to my G60!
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