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  1. Mike_turbo

    G60 airbox

    Any pics?and is condition otherwise good?and how much?
  2. Mike_turbo

    G60 airbox

    Wanted g60 corrado air box complete not damaged or been modified..
  3. Thanks let me know as there two types I've seen.
  4. As above cash waiting..also any other g6016v Bbm parts as building abf g60 16v.
  5. Ok thanks yes I prefer black cloth trim..
  6. Well my car Aqua blue,so what colour do you have?..
  7. As above I need seats and door cards..prefer in good used condition..
  8. As above in good used condition £45 collection Worcestershire area..
  9. Anytime chris,I will pop and see you in the summer at some point...maybe in my Rallye if I can pull my finger out and finish it.
  10. Looking very nice chris keep up the good work....
  11. I've been working on my corrado vr6 n plate today a noticed a single wire yellow/black un plugged not sure where it goes it's under the fan area.any ideas??
  12. I'm after the factory Sony head unit for a corrado vr6, n plate,in working order and good used condition.or a storm upgrade one will do.....
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