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  1. Juddy

    wiper motor cover

    Thanks for the info :thumbleft: I will drop them a line & order from them if it fits
  2. Hi all I'm looking for a wiper motor cover for my 93 16v, can any one help its about the last bit i need for under my bonnet.
  3. Hi, I'm hoping some one can assist with this one!! I am doing a full nut & bolt resto on my 93 9a 16v and always thought some of the gearing was a bit short I have an ASD gearbox in my garage which I know works fine and wondered if anyone had used this box on a 16v? seems a popular box on a 20v conversion but not sure if it will be to long ratio for the 16v.
  4. Hi all, My headgasket popped a couple weeks ago so decided to take the opportunity to strip it down and do a ground up rebuild!! on stripping down I noticed the manifold is shot and have thought about fitting 4-1 manifold and down pipe. I cant seem to find for the 9a, does any one know if the manifold and down pipes will fit from an ABF/mk3 golf 16v??:scratch: Any advice greatly appreciated :thumbleft:
  5. I did a direct swap with a MK3 golf version apart from 4 bolts to remove glass and insert steel panel only paid 30 for whole roof panel
  6. Hi Mate got a dixxy of a 9A in my garage, im pretty sure they swap over!! i'm in cmberley Monday if it helps
  7. Hi peeps, After two minor mishaps on a track day was just wondering if any one has a pair of wings, a front bumper and 90mm splitter they are selling?
  8. I took mine up today probably one of its last drive outs this year :( was looking at the mk1 golf campaign there proper mint and nice owner:) Big thumbs to the guys on the stand.
  9. I brought one of yours of ebay to replace a horrible aftermarket thing on mine.
  10. Thanks for the replies. Yep had it laser aligned,They can't work it out. My next port of call is the rack or pump as mentioned by David.
  11. checked over the geometry took of the massive 18inch rims and 2 inch spacers. checked the pressures ball joints track rods etcjust cant seem to get to the source. the sterring is scarely lihgt when driving so much so you have no feed back from the wheels, Ive had these cars before and none were as light on the sterring as this.
  12. I hope some one can help as i have cant work out why my 16v's sterring is so light? even when you are driving it stay's true and drives ok apart from the steering feels even lighter it is very twicthy on the motorway and country lanes. when i brought it had 18inch wheels on which i thougt could be to blame but i have changed them to avail :shrug: Any ideas!!! starting to bang my head against the wall.
  13. Im going but I ain't got a vr, not sure if I'm taking the corrado yet I might go in the camper if the weather is nice.
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