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  1. Spotted a week last Saturday up the A1 towards Newcastle,red slammed corrado,you pulled out of the services and I pulled up next to you,anyone on here ?
  2. Infinity is a bit of a trek for me as I'm up in Yorkshire.we have a few custom guys up my end but the only exhaust I have heard was on a G60.sounded awesome though
  3. Do you have a contact number for him?ive tried emailing but had no reply as of yet
  4. hey guys.So ive read through this thread which has some great info,but the only decent exhaust i can find off the shelf now are the jetex systems.Are there any other manufacturers im not finding?Think i would be happy with the 2 box jetex or maybe even go down the custom route but you never really know what your gonna get
  5. What number fuse is it?am I right to think its also the fuse for the spoiler
  6. I can manually tilt the roof with the Alan key but the motor won't do anything but click like a relay does.
  7. Yes mate,might need a motor,it clicks when the switch is used but no movement.
  8. Cheers guys,love it to bits.
  9. Stuvr6

    Blue Smoke

    Cool cheers guys il keep an eye on things and try a few simple things first.like I say I've only been aware of it happening twice so hopefully all is good.worst comes to worst I've got some cracking engine guys to hand
  10. Stuvr6

    Blue Smoke

    Oil level looks fine too but il check again tomorrow once it's sat over night
  11. Stuvr6

    Blue Smoke

    Yeah that's right,just a bit stumped as it has only happened a few times.it only did around 300 miles this year before I bought it so maybe something is sticking or I've been told if there is some carbon build up around the valves and pistons it "could" let a drop or two through then burn off in the exhaust.not sure what oil is in her but the guy who owned it before certainly cared for it properly.even so with it been sat I might do a engine flush and put fresh oil in
  12. Hi guys, just recently purchased a stunning 1994 VR6 in red with leather recaro.Im not a stranger to the dub scene and ownership,ive owned a hand full of V6 and R32 golfs,GTI's mk1 and 5 but this thing is major fun times.This is now my daily drive as im selling my GTE airride caddy and i just wanted something that was a)fun with that V6 borp' and (b a car again.Defo made the right choice.Not going to mod it much more,usual mods are already done and the usual faults i.e sunroof and mirrors will be sorted then just a case of enjoying her.looks like a great forum cheers
  13. Stuvr6

    Blue Smoke

    Hi guys, i have recently bought a beautiful 1994 VR6.The car has been used as a weekend toy (if even that) for the last 4-5 years but i now use it daily,it has covered 4k in that 4-5 years time and is in beautiful condition and runs faultless,until.Today i noticed that it let out a heavy puff of blue smoke on throttle,changed gear,still did it but less,then it cleared.only noticed it once but someone saw a little puff of blue earlier last week but nothing major.Dont think it is anything serious as it has only happened a few random times,had a recent service with fresh oil etc.any help would be appreciated.
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