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  1. Think is possibly the best section to put this in, been looking into RWD conversions on a Corrado and various options people have taken many seem to be stateside using a mish mash of parts. And was wondering on the very remote chance if anyone else has ever considered using a Porsche 944 a donor due to the similarities in wheelbase, length and width of the car, well aware of the amount of fab work that would be required to make it work but given the price of a 944 project/breaker It seems a viable option to have a majority of the parts that would be required to convert a Corrado to RWD! Any input greatly appreciated!!
  2. tidy car bud! Another Lincolnshire based one :thumbleft:
  3. Bump, anyone running this sort of setup?
  4. Well bit more time off work and a little bit more done on the rado! Mainly sanding back filler hitting it with primer then sanding back again, but took the plunge today and got the inner wing ends replaced, not the prettiest at the minute but solid and should tidy up really well hopefully so I can start getting it somewhere near ready for paint in the engine bay *standard quick update picure* [rl]
  5. Nothing to update on the corrado as I have been on shift at work but thought id share a couple of the reasons as to why progress has been non existent recently! My bagged Mercedes 190D which ended up being my daily driver and smashing out 15k in about 6 months of ownership before I sold it to fund yet another project.... Shortly followed by this little number after realising it was better off as a parts truck Hoping the corrado and caddy will be ready for paint by the end of summer finances allowing ready to roll out for 2018 if I can ever make my mind up on what engines to drop in them! :thumbleft:
  6. Did some reading on the build thread for that car some absolutely insane fab work in getting it to sit over the RS running gear!
  7. Something to look into, I am leaning towards a 2.7T just how to mount it and gearbox options!
  8. Didn't think about the LS looked at the 4.0 Lexus V8 lumps as they aren't too unreasonable on price
  9. FWD.... trying to avoid chopping the back and centre tunnel out for 4WD or RWD
  10. I do look at this as an option as the allroads came with the 2.7T in and can be had quite cheap as for gearbox it would be passat style so would have to try and work out mounting and if the driveshafts would be remotely close to lining up
  11. did look but still around the 4-5k mark for one
  12. I would kill for an RS3 lump, but think I might need a chat with the bank manager to finance one haha
  13. Hopefully that clears it up a bit bud its the piece that locates the wing on the end but ideally want the cuts to go back to where the top of the slam panel bolts in so I have room to work with!
  14. Im after a pair of inner wing body cuts, ideally after the last 6-8" of the inner wings from both driver and passenger side. Ideally posted but more than happy to drive to collect! Based just outside Lincoln in the east midlands
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