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  1. So sorry mate i never got any emails saying you had messaged me or posted again so sorry pal my number is 07527154633 for anyone who is interested in the parts for sale as my emails dont seem to be coming thru probably best to drop me a txt or a call. Sorry again mate. All still for sale.
  2. So so sorry mate i never even realised you had messaged me i didnt get any emails to let me know i had any messages. Sorry pal. Bits are still for sale if you still want the fog. I understand if your no longer intrested. Thanks.

  3. Hi pal can you get bk to me on this fog as I need to go Derby for something else so would be good to pick up in one trip heres my number 07955636507 thanks Noel

  4. Hi mate you still want to sell me this fog light? If so when shall I collect? Can get to derby around 8ish pm any time this week if you want to post me your address and postcode

  5. I have for sale a drivers fog light in good nick £80 Momo team steering wheel 280mm and boss only fitted for about 6months like brand new bought from venom last Xmas £170 And badge less fk grill fitted for about a month and didn't like the look £10 Collection only from derbyshire message me if interested for pics.
  6. This is now up for sale to anyone who's intrested, 120k £4900 ovno.
  7. Couple more pis from todays detailing session
  8. Thanks. It was just a Matt black rattle can spray job, came out really well.
  9. Finally got around to giving the bay a bit of a tidy the other week and took off the jetex filter as it sounded a little to boy racer ish and swaped back to yhe original airbox with a few holes drilled in for good measure. Lol
  10. Yeah not looking forward to cleaning them all the time paints not bad its a good 6 footer some places the paint has started bubbling up so could do with a better respray i think.
  11. Couple more after its bath and a bit of tyre dressing on.
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