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  1. I'll take these if still on offer and I can collect.
  2. Managed to get a set. But thanks for offering.
  3. Anyone have a set of 4 Speedline Alloys Wheels for a VR6? I only need the Alloys so the tyres can be worn, etc. Alloys must be in good condition. Based in Birmingham so you need to be close so that I can collect. Thanks.
  4. I still need these if anyone has them.
  5. Hi. Need a set of 2.9 VR6 pistons or a complete block/bottom end. Must be 2.9 Based in West Midlands and I can travel reasonable distance to collect. Thanks
  6. Thanks for looking. Driving along on motorway, first speedo, then rev counter and finally MFA displays stopped working. All within 10 secs of each other. Temp and fuel gauge work fine. Tried spare set in car and they work okay. So it's the original clocks that are broken. Sent them for repair (to a firm who turned out to be far from good!!) but no joy despite them saying they had repaired them! I'm going to now send them to BBA-Reman to see if they can repair them as they are the original clocks with correct mileage. I have a set to buy from another person on the forum with a mileage close to mine, so I will buy those while the original are/might be repaired.
  7. Urgently need a set of clocks for a VR6 distributor model 1992 to 1993 Corrado. These are white needle clocks which will have the attachment for the vacuum pipe on the back. The rev counter usually has the figure 6 under the 1/min x 100 writing so they are not confused with the 4 cylinder Corrados. Ideally the mileage needs to be around 90k, but will consider higher mileage. Will also consider later red needle clocks without vacuum pipe and any mileage. Let me know if you have anything. Cash waiting. Thanks.
  8. Hey guys, I may need to fit a new CAT to my VR. Don't want to buy a second hand one and prefer to buy a new one. So I was wondering if anyone knows of a good supplier that they have personally bought off and how long the new CAT has lasted?
  9. Thanks for the welcome guys. It's driveable but needs plenty of work, mainly mechanical. Bodywork is not too bad. Planning on keeping it as original as possible.
  10. Great!! I`ll have it. Can you pm me with price and we'll take it from there. Cheers buddy.
  11. Hi guys, urgently need a fan control module for my 93 plate VR6. The part number I need is 1H0 919 506 Need urgently as she's overheating in traffic. :| Anyone got one?
  12. Just picked up my VR6. Wanted one for ages so chuffed to bits that I've now got one. She's a 93 VR6 in blue with 194,846 on the clock. Needs a fair amount of work doing to bring her up to scratch so I'll be doing that over the winter months ready for summer:cool: Will post up some picks of her as I go along. Oh, great forum!!
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