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  1. Hi does anyone know where I can get standard front subframe bushes for a 92' 2.0 16v all I can seem to find are polyurethane ones. Cheers Colin
  2. Must have solid gold handles or something to make you swap your rado for that Honda
  3. Everyone seems to be missing the point.....what does the front door look like, ha
  4. I'd like to find the time to put mine back together so I can see what bits my pal lost/broke when he took it apart 3 years ago and neglected to tell me about, ha .I will be getting ap coilovers (got them on my mk2 golf) they are comfy and you can get the ride height exactly how you want it a new custom exhaust made a set of nice wheels and a respray.
  5. cbgti


    What wheels to fit? Never has a more controversial question been asked.....personally I go with what I like not what anyone else thinks and even if they don't like them I don't care. I like anything with a bit of dish and cross spokes/multi spoke but that is just my opinion. Nothing that looks like you got them from Halfords and were meant for a corsa/saxo etc. but I like something that no one else has. As for the paint work my pal has an excellent painter working for him and restores classic/American cars and is very reasonably priced but is in Kilmarnock so don't know if that is too far away for you, but I can vouch for his work and he has a great reputation.
  6. Nice one I'm rocking about in my mk2 golf as my rado is currently in bits due to my lazy pal taking it apart and never putting it back together....but hey got the car for pennies so hopefully have it back on the road early next year unless I decide to do something crazy with it I'm all 16v g60, 20v turbo or bike carbs floating around my head just now here's some pics Up on the ramp at another pals garage where she's resting now waiting on a few parts to come before I get started And here's one of my golf just so anyone local knows I'm a Corrado owner too
  7. Hi that sounds good, just checking it is the cross panel that sits over the top of the cross member and has the power steering pipe running through it. Could you post a picture of it please till I see that it is the bit I'm talking about. Sorry to be a pain it's just I'm new to Corrados and my mk2 golf doesn't have anything like this. Cash wise that sounds fine and I can pay you by PayPal as a gift to save fees. Cheers Colin (07762197081)
  8. Yeah he's already regretting letting it go but at least he knows it will get done right and he will always be able to get a drive of it, he's even said that if I ever sell it he's to get first shout, it's round at my mate Sandys so I've got the use of his garage/experience and tools and the paint shop so I'm looking forward to getting stuck in
  9. Hi looking for a front cross member cover for a 92' 2.0 16v the one with the power steering pipe running through it. Cheers Colin
  10. Hi before I can get under way with putting the engine back in I need a new cross member cover the one with the power steering pipe that runs through it for a 92' 9a engine or does any one fit? does anyone have one or know anywhere that sells them? any help or advice will be much appreciated cheers Colin
  11. A few photos of my new project she's solid as can be and never been welded and still has all the original under seal but has a few jobs needing doing before I can put the engine back in and decide what to do with her, I also have the mk2 golf you can see in the background but decided one VW icon wasn't enough for me, ha
  12. Hi I've just bought my first Corrado a 92' 2.0 16v from my best friend, he had the car for about 7 years and 3 years ago stripped the engine out to fix a worn auxiliary shaft bush and then couldn't be bothered putting it back together so now she is mine. Although this is my first Corrado I've been into golfs for about 9 years and currently has a mk2 golf gti which is my pride and joy and I've had for about 5 years, so just thought I'd say hi and it probably won't be long till I'm asking technical questions and looking for some parts. cheers Colin
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