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  1. Cheers mate thanks . At that price deffo intrested tbh . As they do let my car down bad . Them and front bumper and bonnet .
  2. I'm after a pair of standard wings for an L reg what sort of money do these go for please lil fuzzer
  3. Cracking pics and great write up mate , car looks spot on !!
  4. Hmm good point jim . Subaru rear arches are the same on a classic Scoob . Has any one on here got these fitted then ?? As Im a bit sceptical on fibreglass . But yes it has got loads better over the years . Not like the old mk3 escort body kits lol
  5. Please correct me if I'm wrong . But those wings at 400 dollars plus shipping plus import tax . ? If any ? Wouldn't it be better to just have a second hand pair fully repaired . Rust treated then stayed and fitted ??
  6. Well it's the wife's car mate . She does all of about ohhh 15 mile a week in it lol . Looks Good on the drive though lol
  7. Hey up Micky . No arch work mate . And make of wheels are . Dare alloys so not the best make in the world tbh . Et 35 rear 32 front . Had to run 12 mm spacers on the front to clear the tt calipers . And there about 1 mm clearance . I will be slightly rolling the arches on the arse for when the wife has the kids in the back . It's running rear shim plates with slight toe in on the rear . And fitting camber bolts on the front to run 1.5 or so on front end . But that's more for looks than anything else. The 195 on the 7.5 rim gave hardly any stretch . Should of went 185 but not too worry . The 205 on the 8.5 look spot on . Not too much just nice . Maybe my lazy cow wife might wash her now lol
  8. Running 17s 8.5 rear with 205 and 7.5 front with 195 quite pleased with how they look [ATTACH=CONFIG]81401[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]81402[/ATTACH]
  9. As per titel any one got any as I need some of the front , to clear tt calipers
  10. There in darlo mate , I have a good mate lives up there , been drunk a few times there ,
  11. Steve u ever drink in the grey horse or highland laddie I think it's called ?? Totally off subject mind ya lol
  12. Gwr vr6

    9" Rears??

    Liam your car looks the mutts nuts mate . Stunning on them rims . I'm putting 8.5 on tears this sat et32 I'm hoping they go on no bother
  13. Agree with the lines of yes the planning etc also the logistics etc is to be admired . But can understand others that feel that a crime is still a crime , but it's the world we live in today . Makes a change from some pop star or tv celebrity being a kiddy fiddler . Or Mandy from Basildon who has 14 kids and wants a bigger house ( yes I read the sun ) (great comic )
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