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  1. Evening, Had anybody got one? I know it's a long shot. Must be excellent or new condition please. Millar
  2. Hi, Has anybody got these wheels that there looking to sell?
  3. Basically all of them mate. Looking at gettin car painted so id like to have spare or new seals available.
  4. Hi guys, Looking for any type of seals that people have spare or looking to get rid of? Must be excellent/new condition though please. Let me know what you have! Cheers Millar
  5. Yes mate that's the ones. Are u interested?
  6. Cheers. I will start to invest in some seals etc over next couple of months and see how I get on. Best place to buy seals?
  7. Evening all, Thinking this year I'm going to pull my finger out and get my cars finished. One of them is my corrado vr6, The car needs a full respray and I want to do it right. What seals etc are a definite for needing replaced if you go full respray? Any other things that will be needed? Thanks Millar
  8. Evening all, I'm planning on gettin my VR resprayed over the next few months so wondered of there's any recommendations/pointers with regards to parts etc that I may need or should change? Cheers
  9. Hi mate. No suppose it doesn't as car needs painted but just thought I'd ask in the off chance somebody had one. Wud u be willing to post?
  10. As above. Has to be in good condition. Anybody? Thanks Millar
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