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  1. In did install one of those handle repair kits on the driver side as a prevention, the passenger side went last year. I did have to disconnect the central locking to get the handle out as I re-tumbled the lock while it was out but that was about two months ago and this problem only occurred about a week ago.
  2. Central locking unlocks everything from both sides but won't lock from either one. I can't hear anything when trying to lock, also when unlocking the pump occasionally drones on for about 10-15 seconds after unlocking. I haven't checked actually but I guess my boot is still unlocked
  3. Hi all, so for whatever reason my sunroof decided it had had enough of tilting but it would slide open but then not close. I tried to close it with central locking to no avail, so it had to be closed manually it was dead, or so I thought. A few days later driving in an unusually warm October I pushed the button and sunroof opened, it seems to be all fine now but I think I will avoid using what with winter closing in and all not much call for it anyway. Anybody know what could be the issue here ? As it is my cars 20th year I do think it has done well. Also my central locking has decided that its ok to unlock my car but not to lock it, I have to lock each door individually, again any ideas? New pump? [ATTACH=CONFIG]82562[/ATTACH]
  4. Spotted on the outskirts of buxton Derbyshire last Sunday between 3-4pm white corrado J10 BYA ? Not sure what type, I was driving the wife's TT so didn't give a wave. I did point and say "ooh corrado ". She wasn't as enthusiastic as me though.
  5. would like to purchase a couple of these if anyone has some going please :thumbleft:
  6. Hi, I am in need of a pair of these if anyone has some going please. much appreciated thank you
  7. Finally got round to booking my car into the body shop to repair the damage to the rear wheel arch. Got it back today so pleased with the work,:dance: here's a little before and after
  8. Sat in traffic today and a guy in a T5 on otherside of the road looks my car up and down then looks at me and says ''NICE'' with a nod of appreciation :smug:
  9. Ok thanks for that, not really what I want good luck with the sale :thumbleft:
  10. Have you got tint on all of the front lights ? or is it my eyes :crazyeyes: Nice car by the way, wee bit low for my taste but cant knock the work put in, still very nice:thumbleft:
  11. Hi and welcome, I'm a relatively new member to this forum although I have been looking on here for a few years just to see the pics as I to love the cars. I do love my car but its a pretty poor example when you see some other members cars on here, just have a look through the members gallery to see all the fine examples. Good luck finding a corrado and good luck with the insurance as im sure it wont be cheap at your age:eek: :thumbleft:
  12. I just have to say your car is a great example, after seeing the link for your rear lights I was intrigued and began reading your entire thread (just finished). Fair play to you for all the time and effort put in to this car:notworthy::thumbleft:
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