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  1. would you have this crossmember ?[ATTACH=CONFIG]84556[/ATTACH]
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]84555[/ATTACH] Would anybod have one of thees for sale - the rusty Cross member or a part number or even where to buy a new one
  3. Hey just wondering where you got the crossmember from ?
  4. Ok went to start my Raddo last week end but no joy , it started 2 weeks ago fine no problem :scratch: SO done the usual checks , removed spark plug and checked injectors , Yes we have fuel going to the chamber :dance:but NO SPARK :bonk:ok sor took aprt the "Dizzy" and didn't like the look of the inside of it as the hall sender was loose and seems the oil seal was leaking , so MR Ebay and the Credit card and whey hey new dizzy and hall sender , Ok now it gets interesting :study:fitted the new dizzy and new hall sender (all one unit)and fingers crossed but still no spark .... SO this is where i am , is it the coil? is it the ignition sender or the ecu box with the grey turney wheel on the side of it (no idea what that is for :shrug:) so .. After that little rant, is there any step by step of how to check the coil or the ignition amplifier thingmebob or the ECU to see what is not working ??? Only info i can say is that when i try'd to start it last week end i did notice that the coil got hot , i mean above Warm to touch Also with my trusty Fluke meter i checked what i was getting across the coil when the ignition switch was on and i was only getting 6.4v so me beining me jumped 12v from the battery to the + on the coil and tried to start her but still no spark , and then the the battery died ...:crazyeyes: Any suggestions , pic would be great - free doner coil , ignition , ecu also gladly welcome LOL
  5. are the front indicators ( bumper) ones there?
  6. are the front bumper indicators available ? early spec i presume , if so how much posted to Ireland please .....
  7. steve are these sold ? as i was doing a search and it linked me to this but i reckon there sold ?
  8. ok the bumper indicator lights still available ?
  9. Hi looking for a set of Early indicator lights , the ones that sit into the bumper please if anybody has a set ??
  10. do have a set of leads for a 16v ? there the 90 degree ones ?
  11. Hi anybody got any pictures of how the bonned cable is installed as in i understand how the trumpet catches the lever on the PS but how does it catch on the drivers side as that is going the oppsite direction ? if you understand what i mean ... Unfortunately my Cable is completely gone from the car and i just got a replacement from DUB NUTZ Cable - http://www.tdnparts.com/hood-release-cable/ trumpet - http://www.tdnparts.com/hood-cable-sleeve-funnel-nipple-pair-ss-corrado-right-left/
  12. hopefully going to switch mine over , ill do some 3mm hole drilling tonight to se if i can get the barrel out , i suppose its a whole adjustable column i need ..., and the usual postage to wexford pls ....
  13. is the steering column still there?
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