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  1. My headlights are really dull , any suggestions that i can do to improve the visability at night, would some in pro after markets lights be any better, i have changed the bulbs and they dont seem to have made any difference, i was going to put hid's in but have decided against it as they wont be in prisoms or height adjustable so that seems like a no no according to the law they are illegal and a mot faliure....help anyone. :shrug:
  2. Hi all. I currently have vmax coilover suspension, but the ride is just to hard, i want to obtain a nice ride height as i run on 15's and sometimes 16's not bothered if its coil over or just springs and dampers, just want a comfy ride and the ca to look good on a decent ride height. any ideas and prices, i have just moved house so need it to be on the budget side of things.
  3. hi guys , got in my car this evening and found that the rev counter, fuel and water temp gauge did not work and also the rear spoiler seemed to have stopped working, can any one shed any light on this, is it a fuse, or relay or just bad luck....any suggestions.
  4. Can you turbo the 16v kr?, what needs to be done or is there anyone inn the surrey area that can do it?
  5. I have seen a number of ads in and around re 52mm inlet manifolds for sale, how can i tell what size i have on mine?and is it worth putting larger ones on? and also can you put larger throttle bodies on , from an audi like the 2.2ltr ones i think, is it worth it? :scratch:
  6. hi all , i am trying to track down a non return valve for a 1990 1.8 16v ( the alloy one on the feed pipe) apparently this was a mod due to the heater matrix blowing up due to excessive pressure caused by the heating system, i went in to my local vag agent who told me that they no longer make this part, when i asked what i should do , he suggested putting it back to original...which begs the question , wont my heater matrix be prone to leaking as thats why the mod was brought out.....any suggestions or advise as to what i should do or where i can get a replacement...appologies if this is in the wrong section . :brickwall:
  7. Okay checked the cable and seems to be connected to the selector in the cabin controls, i ran the engine and the pipes seem to get hot, they seem a little soft and could prob abably do with replacing......just a question where does the cable at the back of the cabin controls got to ???? :brickwall:
  8. Got in my car this morning and found that my heater has stopped working, the fan works but just blows cold air..... what is the best things to check before i have to start considering the heater matrix is knackered.....and how easy is it to replace...is there a how to section on this?
  9. all fitted...wow what a difference....a bit on the hard side, but deffinate improvement... :salute: :clap:
  10. just wondering if a vr6 rad fan would fit a 1.8 16v its a 1990 model or any suggestions?
  11. Sweet i picked up a set over the weekend , however the set i have on the rado are bilstien and i cannot seem to get the top mount off as no tool can reach the 22mm nut as well as the hex 7mm key as well ....is there a knack for getting these off...in the past the cup they sit is shallower but these are very deep???? :scratch:
  12. Just checked the circlip and that is all on there nice and tight, it seems the plastic bushes have worn and there is a little play in the spring , can these be replaced? :scratch:
  13. so mk2 golf coilovers will fit the corrado..
  14. will coilovers fit across the corrado range or do they fit certain years or models? i have seen some on pistonhead but unsure of the make just wanted to know if they fit as they came off a corrado not sure what model, trying to find out, any suggestions
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