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  1. Cheers pal I'll have a route around tonight, does have an alarm so will check where it is
  2. Still got a bit of water in the footwell😡
  3. Hi Mate, cheers for that, yoiu don't happen to have a set of g60 clocks i could try in mine to see if its that whats causing the spoiler MFA probs
  4. Not far from me then, I'm only in Healdgreen, units in reddish
  5. Cheers pal, you around stockport area? Usually 'tinkering' with the car on Saturdays at the unit if your passing be good to meet like minded raddo owners :thumbleft:
  6. might be in the market for another g60 if anyones got a cheapish one going
  7. Cheers again, don't see too many in our neck of the woods
  8. Hi Pal, cheers for the welcome, spoiler goes up and down on the button fine, i reckon its the clocks as the mfa isn't working either, just need to get a working set to check
  9. Hi all, First time on the forum, any forum infact, Bought my first corrado a few weeks ago some maybe familiar with it, as Ive found it on a couple of threads on here after buying it, done a few modifications to it already like sns chip, new 3.5 fpr, new cam, head ported and polished, just trying to sort out a couple of electrical issues, mfa not scrolling and spoiler not automatically raising, also found water in passenger footwell the other day, sourced it to the foliage seal so think it's sorted now fingers crossed. Must have been leaking for a while as the felt was rotten, think it's interior out time and wet vac the carpets this weekend Hopefully with a bit of help I'll get to the bottom of the problems
  10. Hello everyone. recently installed new sns chip and 3.5 bar fpr to my g60, accelerates better now, but seems to start holding back at 4500 / 5000 rpm, charger is creating a lot of boost as its been ported, but thought new chip would let it 'over boost', without bleeding of the extra. i have a caddy with a g60 in it with same chip but has got the reserc pipes blanked and the isv disconnected, that revs up fine any ideas cheers
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