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  1. These are the sort of build threads we need to keep this forum going. Excellent work Graham. Are you attending dublogic this year?
  2. Do all the boats chugging up and down the Thames all day have to pay an emissions charge?
  3. SR_Neale


    Can vouch for aps. Every bit as good as the kw v2s I have on my bora but half the price.
  4. Have just fitted a jvc Hal 2 aerial to my bora. It’s not exactly the same looks wise but more than close enough for me. You will also need an aerial extension and power lead.
  5. Burgundy C spotted about 1pm today on the m25/lakeside round about. Anyone on here?
  6. No worries. You won the lottery last night? Lol
  7. Have you got any more pics of your engine bay smoothed before the engine went back in?
  8. I am interested if still available. If it is could you pm me your payment details. Cheers Stewart
  9. Gold finger had a good guide for dash removal and heater matrix which he used to email out. I don’t think he has been on here for some time though. I will see if I still have it on my old phone. If not I’m sure someone else will have one from goldfinger they could forward on. Also I think adhesive backed felt from the hobby craft shop is a popular choice for re placing the rotten foam.
  10. This has been on eBay for over 6 months now.
  11. Must feel good to be putting an engine back in after all the trouble you have had lately. You bringing the anni next week?
  12. Have you tried the new bonnet on to check the panel gaps against the wings? Reason I ask is I'm sure I have heard the fitment isn't all that good with early wings. I don't have any personal experience with this but might be worth checking before you decide what to do with it. Also please don't put a vr6 in what is probably one of the most rare original G60's.
  13. What is the price plus postage? Cheers. I'm guessing you have stated earlier in the thread but being lazy.
  14. Yes if you support the engine then you will be able to drop the front cross member to give you the room you'll need.
  15. Is all the pipe work behind the dash still in place?
  16. Fingers crossed this solves the issues..
  17. Hello mate. I think I just replied to your pm but not sure if it sent it or not. Are you still on the same phone number you had when you picked up the tailgate last year?
  18. Yes you are correct a sub frame could move but not enough to cause these sort of problems and it's very unlikely to have moved of its own accord unless it's been in a whack. Get it on a geo machine it will some tell you if it has moved.
  19. How old are the shocks/top mounts? Are they standard? Reason I ask is one of the plates on the rear shock that holds the spring in place had rusted completely through. I remember the same sort of symptoms your describing.
  20. Would be interested in the sump if compatible with a G60. Pm me with a price.
  21. I just wanted to clarify I was talking about a slight weeping of oil between the 2 halves of my charger and not about the amount of oil in the charger.
  22. I have the same with mine. Spoke to john from jmr about this and was told it was normal and nothing to worry about.
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