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  1. when i first start the car it just wont blow hot air for as long as i wait but as soon i drive it comes out warm and stays that way, just needs to be driven before any hot air will come out
  2. hello, my 1.8 16v wont blow out any hot air till i drive it why would be doing this? i jsut changed the thermostat, could it be the water pump? thanks in advance if any one can help
  3. What relay is it for all that stuff? But thanks
  4. Right it's starting to do it more, sometimes my wipers just won't move and when this happens the blower don't work or the heated rear window. Any help would be appreciated
  5. Just need that one I ordered to turn up so I can see if it's the right one and then ill let you no
  6. I think I have one on the way, I got it from a website with poor translation and no photo ha but the part number was the same. If its the wrong one ill get back to you, thanks
  7. Thanks for that ill see what I can find with the part number
  8. Looked on vw heritage, that's the only badge they don't do still ha having a job finding one
  9. 1992julian

    Rear vw badge

    Nothing big just after a mint rear vw badge
  10. weitec shocks and springs weitec shocks and 40mm lowering springs, will give them a clean before i send out will deliver at buyers cost ?120 or make me a offer northamptonshire List Date: 7/17/2015 For more info, click here to view the original listing: weitec shocks and springs -------------------------------------- On Sale For: ?120.00 -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: weitec shocks and springs Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  11. thanks that sorted that out quick ha will get rid of the cheap spacers and get the alignment sorted thanks!
  12. right i fitted new colovers and wheels with spacers at the weekend now when i go above 50 my steering wheel wobbles like mad, i went and got all the wheels balanced today so its not that. would cheap spacers do this? any help from people would be appreciated thanks in advance
  13. 1992julian


    thanks but its just for a 1.8 16v, didn't no the vr6 ones was different sorry
  14. 1992julian


    any coilovers about on here before i get some cheap ebay ones?
  15. do people have any photos of them running 9j alloys front and back? trying to find out how they would look and how low i could go
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