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  1. ozone

    Wanted VR6 auto

    Hi Dave Happy New Year. Have you managed to locate and purchase an auto vr6?
  2. Ahh mystic blue was the colour that springs to mind when thinking of the blue storm.
  3. My rado is also on an N'plate with LC5U paint code. I've always thought the Storm were two unique colours only for the storm models.
  4. personally myself, as tanvr6 quite rightly mentioned, karmannski after all his perseverance would be my first point of call for such an item.
  5. I agree, most people need the fog light glass on the corrado. It seems an ever increasing race to the forum to grab a second hand set of lamps with many of us missing out. I think its a wonderful idea and offer you the best of luck in your reproduction project.
  6. I have a 1995 VR6 in Aqua Blue with 130k, Its a pleasure to drive for such an old car its remarkably smooth. Only had it for a year or so, and have covered only 3k or so miles. I've changed the oil and filter on the gearbox, given the car a full service, and am in the process of changing the front abs sensors, front wheel bearings and hubs, front suspension top mounts, and also coolant temperature sensor.
  7. ozone

    49% off in Feb

    Hi Dox I just wanted to say thank you for posting your the code. I've managed to secure some invaluable parts for my vr saving a small fortune thanks to your great code.
  8. hi i know its late but try code WEEKEND30 valid until midnight tonight.
  9. Hi Guys I too have a corrado vr6 auto, and to be honest I'm beginning to really warm to the auto box. I've only ever driven manuals and the transition to auto really makes driving easy, be it sitting in traffic, pulling away from a tight junction, I never miss the manual. And on the motorway its a breeze. Just my humble opinion, but as mentioned earlier by other members, I personally would keep the automatic as an automatic. First thing I did with mine was change the gearbox oil and filter. Unfortunately, I didn't take note of the gearbox code. I seem to remember a member on here selling a automatic gearbox for a vr6 before christmas a few months back. It may still be for sale. Good luck with whatever you finally decide to do with the corrado.
  10. Hi Guys I also would love to find a great place in the midlands that does a quality respray that doesn't charge a small fortune. The best of luck to you both, and keep us all updated on your findings.
  11. I don't know whether this would be a hindrance or help, but I stored my vr6 for about a year and found similar symptoms when starting from cold, erratic idling etc. I checked the usual suspects and as I was checking my breather hoses I found a cracked PCV value. Once I replaced the PCV it was cured.
  12. I spotted a great looking metallic green corrado M reg yesterday at edgbaston reservoir as I was on my way out.
  13. ozone


    Hi Bill, really nice wheels, but could you tell me what size alloys they are. I want to fit them to my corrado vr6. I wanted a simple direct replacement without the pain of having to roll arches etc. Also, could you advise of carriage costs to the midlands. thanks
  14. Its a great looking car Andy, best of luck with the sale..
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