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  1. Is this car still available?....
  2. Well its happened, went out in a corrado last weekend and i want/need another one in my life, will be keeping the R32 as i have spent loooooads on it. So the hunt is on for a nice standard (ish) VR6 karl
  3. Yeah Mic Was looking for another corrado, but then thought two cars = 2 lots of tax/insurance would have to find somewhere to keep the corrado. So instead im having the r32 turbocharged, been talking to midland vw about it and its all go in the next few weeks.
  4. Haha yeh me again, and not yet as weather was terrible the last few days, but gonna look at it soon.
  5. Whats he done then?? Samco hoses and speedlines, apart from that the expensive engine work I did.
  6. Yeah its not my style at all, lets face it how much stuff did I buy and sell on here???
  7. And like the copy and paste of my old add, so everything he did this last year to the engine/suspension was actually done over 2 years ago.
  8. And just seen my old corrado is for sale, and only 2.5k more than what I sold it for, and thats without the Brembos and plate. Prices must have shot up recently.
  9. Been sorted today Kev, I posted something out and it was returned while I was out the country.
  10. Yeah I did have that one, was a nice car after I sorted out some issues with it, if I buy this new blackberry one the recaros and wheels will be sold ASAP, I have a set of my alloys waiting to be fitted and the money from the recaros and wheels will be going towards a turbo conversion.
  11. So what have you done to the car since you bought it off Shaun, what wheels does it come with?? The sale advert is a little empty to say the least, especially when your wanting 16k for it.
  12. I had dealings with him ages and ages ago, but I ended up getting all (and more) of my money back, i was not in a good mood at all when I turned up and I threw a subframe at him lol
  13. Hi mic, the R32 is staying as I do really like it, just had some cams fitted and had it mapped, and coilovers fitted, and thats all that's gonna be done to it apart from some nice alloys
  14. Hi Andy, back is much better plus the corrado will not be the daily so no worries there.
  15. Well had two in that colour, and yeah its very low but that can be changed
  16. Been kinda looking for another corrado, and gonna be looking at one later today :) Wish me luck.
  17. Poor Kevin, who is doing the repair for you? X
  18. Good find, not many of those in existence.
  19. KADVR6

    new car

    Yeah by saturday she will be wearing some genuine bbs ch's lol
  20. KADVR6

    new car

    nothing apparently, just wanted to try something different that's all.
  21. KADVR6

    new car

    Well had the car 10 days and ive been messing, bought at 3pm yesterday a custom made scorpion exhaust for it, got back at 4pm and by 5 it was fitted, will put some pics and a video up later, but god it sounds awesome.
  22. KADVR6

    new car

    Well I had one fitted to one of my old corrados
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