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  1. Sorry guys just seen these. It's non aircon. But car is now up for sale on the forum anyway. Cheers for the replies tho.
  2. Due to a change in circumstances I'm going to have to sell my corrado. Good running engine and surprisingly economical. Been used as my daily with no problems. Standard on the outside bar a catback system, coil overs, smoked side repeaters and half smoked rears. Full heated black leather. Sunroof, Windows all work. Full closure remote central locking and immobiliser. Boot spoiler works. Full service history. Lots of other recipts from over the years to confirm that's it's been well looked after. Almost all from VW dealers or VW specialists. All books manuals etc they give you when purchasing a car new. This was a daily / rolling resto so it's not with out its faults. Thankfully they are only limited to cosmetics with the exception of a missing headliner and passenger door handle not working from the outside. Cosmetically it will need the paint tidied up. No rust, just paint. Underside is solid. Has a dent on the drivers wing. Bar that car is pretty much sorted. But please don't expect it to be mint. Good base for conversion or if you want to get into corrados but want cheaper insurance and running costs. Would consider PX and doesn't have to be for a car. I dont know how to upload pictures On to this so give me a what's app or viber and I will send you pictures. Or have a look on gumtree as its up there too. Car is located in central Scotland. £1500 Ono Cheers Charlie 07999301054
  3. On the hunt for one if anyone has one, or can suggest another vw I can get one from. Cheers in advance 👍
  4. Cheers Sean, will keep my eyes open for a suitable donor, or see if an engine makes its self known. I'd leave it an 8v because I use it daily but it's depressingly gutless bud. My brothers got a 20vt mk1 golf, another mate has a mk3 vr6, 2 other mates have mk2 vr6's an one of them, Kieran just went down south with my little brother Ebo the other week and bought a turbo that was fitted to a corrado for his vr mk2. Another lad I know just killed his red VR corrado up here in Scotland on the M8 couple weeks back, rolled it out by a place called euro central. I don't mind doing the work if I can pick a motor or conversion up, will save me parting with mine. What all do you reckon I can use if I get a donor Sean?
  5. Looking for some advice on cost of an ABF engine, and other parts required to do a conversion in my gutless 8v. I ride bikes so not looking for big power or associated petrol costs. Just want more than I have the now. I know folk will probably say just to buy a 2.0 16v corrado but I like the one I have the now and it's a clean solid motor. Just gutless. been looking at full cars like Ibiza gti and golfs. Is they're any other ones I should be looking at as well or am I even on the right path thinking I can swap all that over? Cheers in advance Charlie
  6. Got it bud, plugged it in before work the night. Works mint 👍 Pm me your PayPal or account details am I will send you the cash the morn mate. Cheers again bud
  7. I'm at


    53 Nigel Rise



    West Lothian


  8. Thats good of you buddy and sounds ideal. I will pm you my address the now 😊
  9. I'm not through that way often Easy, much you after for it an I will take the chance on it bud, if you wouldn't mind putting it in an envelope an post it? Cheers lilfuzzer, if I get this one from Easy and it doesn't work then I will give you a message if that's ok bud
  10. I'm after a late dash rear window demister button with the blank attached. Mines was working till I let a mate with another corrado open mine up to see if they're was anything noticably different going on inside mine, to give him an indication as to why his wasn't working. He reckons he dropped something out mine. A spring or something, now mine isn't working. One of those wish I hadn't tried to help moments. This happened in the summer and was irritating knowing it didn't function the way it used to, but now it's really annoying since I'm now having to de-ice my windows going to or heading home from work. I'm based in Livingston in Scotland. Cheers in advance. Charlie
  11. Just created an account the now bud. Trying to access post through the link you posted but it wont let me. Will have a hunt in the forsale part of the forum. That was good of you to gimme the heads up on that again by the way. Cheers Struggling to find the post or even the forsale section lol
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