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  1. I own this now had it for 5 months trying to get back to former glory
  2. I own this now k455 cbu West Sussex had it for 5 months now
  3. Where are you based would you take 400
  4. Thanks guys will try taking to garage get them gunned off i think
  5. Hi guys trying to fit coil overs on Corrado backs no problem fronts is another story for love nor money can I get the top hat nut of the fronts. Tried spark socket and Allen key through middle broke Allen key. Then tried mole grips on strut it's self it's spins any help guys.
  6. i own this corrado now love to know why it was re-registered in west sussex now being brought back to life
  7. Got my first corrado vr6 not new to vw had mk3vr6 and mk2golf vr6 anyone close to Horsham West Sussex?
  8. Hi now own your old corrado vr6 k455 cbu just looking to learn her history any old pics what you did to her etc be great to here from you Jason from West Sussex

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