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  1. That seems feasible Fla - its been few years since I rebuilt mine and the mix & match approach between Corrado and Golf mk3 pieces allowed me to create one complete set ( iodide;t and don't have any 3D printing capability 🙂
  2. fly it looks like you have greased the sunroof guides; if so this will be part of your problem, you ned to use the special vw lube, expensive but well worth it. In my experience it is best to set the roof mechanism up off the car so that you can see what is or is not working correctly. Time consuming but very worth it. I suspect that something on the left hand side is broken/stretched. Much earlier in this thread you will see that is outlined the use of VW type 3 sunroof; what i did was common the various parts of my Corrado roof guides with parts from the Type 3 to create one working unit.
  3. Can someone confirm what amp cable I need to replace this section please?
  4. Perfect Sean, many thanks - pity the wiring can't be as simple as Beetle :-)
  5. Can anyone direct me to the pin designations for the fusebox please? regards Red
  6. In working to resolve a problem where our '92 V6 auto cuts out we have established the coil pack was faulty. Next with the fan blower and headlights on the battery terminal and one of the thick red wires heading to the teminal are heating up. The fault appears to e on the thick red wire that runs to the rear of the fuse box. There is no fuse on the wire near the battery - should there be? The wire seems to be corroded slightly but even when cleaned under load it becomes warm. Is this a known fault? any thoughts solutions appreciated. I plan to refit the headlight 'plug and play' upgrade to lighten the load but still prefer to resolve this issue. Regards Red
  7. Righto off to stt looking again - many thanks Geeba
  8. Hi Geeba, thank you for your suggestion but sadly that is not the part on my car (VW Part No 357 905 104)- I'm unsure if the part was specific to the automatic and that may explain the difference; tired a non OEM part but while externally it looked the same internally it was not - wierd, hence my search for an OEM VW/Bosch part Regards Red
  9. Red McGregor

    Coil Pack

    Looking for a coil pack for my VR6 automatic VW Part Number 357 904 104 / Bosch Number 0221601006 - hopefully someone on here can help regards Red
  10. I'll say Aye to the mats if they are still available
  11. I think the part number could be 191927149C I got mine from the USA last year but it was a struggle - this may also be of help http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?6881816-Gear-Indicator-light
  12. Great result - well done - need to tell VW Heritage thats the new price!
  13. Red McGregor

    Broken sunroof?

    I eventually managed to locate some of these from the US a couple of years ago, only to find it was a case of cause and effect with the wider mechanism broken. Type 3 Gold mechanism came to the rescue - hopefully some help to you
  14. The LHD drive bulb can be made to fit - I did just this earlier in the year, it was surprisingly straightforward. I think I had to get the bulb from the USA if I recall correctly.
  15. Pretty sure that they will not fit I'm afraid. If your sunroof is jammed up, the you should be able to lower it manually by removing he core around the switch mechanism and screwing the thread (clockwise I think) behind it while adjusting whatever is causing the jam manually. Its a fiddle but will keep you mobile until the parts are located
  16. I simply took the guide assemblies from the Mk3 3 and mix and matched it to the two I had removed from my Corrado cassette, cleaned everything up, lubricated with synthetic grease and re-inserted into the original Corrado cassette. From memory the Golf Mk3 cassette in its entirety is not a match. There is much online about the repair, as a moderate DIYer I'd say it is time consuming and dirty but not overly complex, it is simply a matter of working through everything methodically (a space to get everything laid out is useful and it is a dirty job, so probably not best to be in the house!!) This link may help: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1355481-The-Ultimate-sunroof-repair-post
  17. Yes those wheels dower out; search Google and you'll find a youtube video of someone suggesting you can use araldite to build up the wheel an then re-shape the wheel into a curve. It may work, personally I changed the units for ones from a Golf Mk3
  18. once the sag starts its an inevitable journey downwards as the foam disintegrates and recovery is the best way forward. If it is just the sunroof you can take the inner roof section off and match it reasonably well in my experience with spray glue it will be as good as new. I didn't need to recover the whole 'liner' but having taken it out it would have been very do-able. Go for it!
  19. after a 5 hour drive McGregor finally got us back home to Scotland having made his first foray to a Corrado event. the only auto we could see it was lovely to meet many other owners and to take in all things VW and of course avery high quality line up of Corrados. looking forward to more forays in the future Red
  20. Yes, the Mk3 mechanicals will work fine with the metal roof. Get some old clothes on and a big old blanket on the floor and be prepared to get filthy cleaning the old unit from grease - when you re-grease do use the synthetic stuff - plenty of other good advice here on the site. To take the roof out you will need to remove the headlining, just work through all the screws and connectors and slide it out of the rear hatch, the sunroof inner cover comes off first, simply push the old one back and then rotate it and pull it out. Sounds weird but it works and becomes clearer as you do it - plenty of detailed advice on this site elsewhere. My big tip is to take your time, clean everything, take the best from the parts you have from the Golf and original car - this may mean combining parts from each. Rebuild it off the car and test it slowly. It took me ages to work it out but I was well chuffed with the results but bear in mind it is not a quick job
  21. To close off my experience having started this thread, refurbishing the headlining (out of the car) was a dusty but very straightforward job. Spray glue, and new material (close to the original) all from flabby and a wire brush to clean off all the old material and some patience are all that are required. The panels are the template and by just spraying both the panel and foam backing and smoothing the material on and trimming he edges it was all in place quickly. I then left it for a day to dry and for a clear bright day and single handedly had everything fired in a little over an hour having never done the job before. The refurbished off works brilliantly, it'll be better when the new foam backed material has flattened in a little more, but overall very chuffed.
  22. righto guys thank you for the advice. Cleaning route first to see how it comes up; then if necessary plan B strip the whole thing and replace with new foam backed material. I had wondered if adding the new material over the old would make it too 'fat'. I'll let you know how it goes. all the best and thanks for the spare liner offers (hopefully I won't need it but you never know) BW Red
  23. Well having fixed the sunroof mechanism, now I have to fix the headlining on the sunroof panel which has disintegrated. I've found a close material match and I'm reasonably confident I can refurb this BUT how about the overall headlining because inevitably if I don't do the lot in one go it will look crap. The overall headlining is in good condition,just grubby and is very much glued in place. So could/should I just try and glue the new material over the old or do I nee do strip the old material off completely? A third option is to try and clean it and see if it comes up better; if this drags the old material off as it gets wet so be it. However, before I start all thoughts/ideas etc welcome. Thanks in advance Red
  24. OK time for an update that I hope helps others. It was the water glide plate and more importantly the chrome lever with a wee wheel on it was was proving to be the problem. The wheel had worn and was not rotating or lifting properly. It really s hard/impossible to see but this small wear and possibly wear to the small axle on which the wheel moves makes all the difference. The water plate and rocker mechanism from a Golf mk 3 are the same, albeit the poker is ball rather than chrome. Its now fitted and on a bench test everything works just as it should. Now when it stops pouring down I can put it all back together. For anyone reading this who thinks it can be done with the roof in situ I'd think again. On the bench everything can be cleaned and checked easily. Hopefully this will then mean you have a long term solution Best Red
  25. Found it and it describes perfectly what is happening in my roof http://www.corrado-club.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5007 So that'll be my bank holiday weekend activity!
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