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  1. Mark at the Hereford Volkshop is great with my VR6 Corrado. I've taken cars to him for over 20 years. Also auto pressicion in Wombourne are good. Steve knows his vw s inside out
  2. Thanks guys. I got the nuts back in where they should be. Seems there was a previous bodge stopping them seating. I got the parts fitted and seems to be tightened up enough to seal it... I ran the engine for about 10 minutes and no sign of a leak.... Hope I got lucky....
  3. I've just gone to fit the elbow I recently bought and notice both threaded nuts on the radiator are sitting proud of the plastic casting. Preventing the elbow to seat correctly and make a seal. Also the short bolts fixing is split meaning it just turns in its casting... Does this mean my rads had it? Help!
  4. Hi stone jag do you still have the radiator?
  5. Hi Rob, it was a great 'rado. And it's your fault I wanted another so much 😆
  6. Ordered the lot from maxrpm.de Thanks for all the help. I should receive it tomorrow so I'll be back on the road 👍
  7. Thanks everyone for the replys. I have already removed the elbow and it came off ok. The o ring in there is about half the thickness of the indent in the flange. Hoping a new one will do the trick.thanks to 'it's not a scirocco' for the kind offer. Sadly I'm miles away
  8. Thanks guys. The elbow looks tip top no marks on it or cracks. However at the price shown I'll go ahead and replace it.
  9. I've just discovered my vr6 has sprung a coolant leak from the top of the radiator. It's the solid plastic fitting that has two 10mm bolts holding it in and connects to the top hose. The problem appears to be a skinny o ring and bodged ptfe tape. Where can I buy a correct o ring from? One with the necessary thickness to make the seal? Or can anyone give me a part number or measurement please. I've seen one on eBay from Greece, but sellers away and I'd like to get fixed this weekend....
  10. Well today I had to remove my 15mm rear spacers... The car was experiencing wheel wobble and upon investigation, both centre hub collars had sheared off. They were safely located on the centre bore collar of the hub/disc with no play and the spigot rings on the wheels fit these too. The bolts were also torqued to 110nm Yet they still fractured. I had to prize the broken 'rings' out of the spigot ring which are correct for the bore and wheel. My wife is horrorfied and doesn't want me to use spacers again as I often have my 3yr old son in the car. I cannot say I blame her. I've emailed the company about it as they said I was safe with 15mm ones, that on a 10mm they had had collars snap off! So I went and bought them. I was also specific regarding my cars make and model etc, Anyone think I'll see my money back or did I do something wrong???
  11. Thanks Jim... Tried to post pics but not having much success...
  12. Well a lots happened to the old girl since October. Mainly new coil overs, mounts and calipers as well as an Mot. Wheels, spacers, uprated headlight loom too! Piper cross filter and some holes in the it box.. Cleaning the unloved finish to something to be proud of... Removing cobwebs and spider nests.. From all gaps and grille. She's finally looking like a seriously nice corrado. Off tomorrow for camber alignment. The a bit of a razzle round. To see what is what. Things to do.. Desensitise the Clifford! Sort out radio harness.. More hoovering of interior.
  13. I changed my serp belt annually, oil every 3k and ran a jabbasort stage 4 with anSLS chip and small pulley and Porsche 944 fuel pressure reg (allowed more fuel etc) I used a large (lampshade sized) cone filter. It was a cotton gauze type (Jetex I think..) Don't use foam as the oil in them draws in fine dust that makes a good grinding paste.... I had zero trouble with the charger over 50k ish miles. This was in my second Rallye.
  14. Hi, Just a heads up but your local Pirtek will make you a hose to fit. Just take the old one along and they will make a brand new one. I had all my Quattro hoses done by them.
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