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  1. Hi All, I'm sadly putting my Corrado up for sale via Autotrader. All the details are on there. She runs great, 2.0L 16V 1994 with 150k on the clock. I've put her on for £2,150. All the details are on there, have a look. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201605103800001 Thanks, How's My Driving?
  2. Hi All, I had this Corrado for six months after buying her from a local Corrado Garage. She's been great to drive except for an issue with the Lambda Sensor (which I've replaced). Unfortunately the wife has lost her job so I need to raise cash so we can keep paying bill/mortgage etc and the Car is my biggest toy that I can sell....gutted! Anyway my loss could be your gain, I've tired to price her fairly and post as many pics as I can. I'm open to serious offers, get in touch via the link below, send an e-mail if you like. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201603021582943 I'm hoping when my financial situation turns around I'll be able to buy another, (prob another 16V 2.0 as the engine seems really solid!) Cheers, How's My Driving?
  3. Hi David, That's a lot to think about, thanks for the info. It has been running rich as the plugs are very black so I'll be checking the temp and lambda first. From what you say disconnecting either may change the engine running which would point to a fault with the sensor in question or wiring, good to know, thank you. I did see a little oil in the distributor but not much, are they expensive to change?, (Actually are they the same as a Mk3 Golf?, I have one that I can rob parts off!) I've checked rubbers and vent lines and all looks fine. Also really keen on doing an injector test and if all looks good just giving them a good clean to get the fuel distribution spot on, anything to watch out for when doing this?, As I understand it the injectors are plastic and a pain to remove without damaging. Any fault finding info would be great so see. Thanks, How's
  4. Hi, Thanks for this, this is what I've been finding out when looking at the other blogs however none mentioned the temp sensor so I'll check this as well. Do you know the best way to test the lambda, MAF and temps or in fact their location?!? From what I understand so far the MAF is in the front left (as you look at the engine bay from the front of the car) of the engine bay under the plastic cover that's over the fuel injector distribution thingy. When the problem is there all I need to do is disconnect and see if the problem changes at all. Same with the lambda but this is at the top of the exhaust. As for the temp sensor I'm stuck on this as I'm not sure where to look for it. I've been told there are two of them, one for in car read out (some sort of RTD) and the other is a bigger one but I don't know where... Anyone know what I should see if I put a multimeter or 12v supply across each of them? (I did try using VAGCOM but nothing came up, starting to wonder if I used it properly). I'll be trying this all out at the weekend so fingers crossed! (I'll post my finding on here as well) Also changing the Fuel Filter for good measure. Cheers, How's
  5. Thanks Cong, I've been chasing up every lead since I posted this. What seems to rule most problems out is the fact she runs fine for the first minute, I'm guessing while she's in cold start mode. This has led the trail to look at the Lambda sensor and/or wiring and the MAF. Was your issue constant or did your car run fine for the first minute or so? Thanks.
  6. Hello All, I've recently bought my first Corrado 16v 2.0, (a long time ambition) and have just hit my first real big issue. She'd been absolutely great for the first three months as I drive to work and back everyday (approx 25miles total)except for a few initial idle hunting issues then on the way home the other night, just as I was about to turn into my road I lost all power, the car revs were low and threatening to stall however putting my foot on the accelerator provided sudden, seemingly random bursts of power, I managed to limp her home and since this time the problem has persisted. Every time I start up she runs fine for a minute or so then the the power goes to pot again with intermittent revving and she struggles to idle, eventually staggering to a stall. I did notice that there was a lot of oil around/above the spark plugs (embarrassingly this was the first time I'd checked them since purchase, a personal lesson learned there!) however I've cleaned this out and will be changing the rocker cover gasket so don't think this is related. I did also notice the spark plugs were black and charred so could be un-burnt fuel. I've been checking various parts, Accumulator, ISV and will be replacing the fuel filter when it comes through the post however I've not been able to get to the root of the issue, does anyone have any suggestions? Also whats the best way to test the two pumps?, Would just disconnecting them be ok to see if the same thing happens or will this mess up the fuel pressure/supply? Thanks, Frank
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