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  1. That’s really helpful, thanks Hasan.
  2. Thanks all, so far, I’ve discovered that the driver’s side one is damaged (I suspect by the bending of the door). The yellow plastic guide at the top of the channel has broken allowing the cable sheath to move past it. This is going to affect the mechanism. The cable sheath further down has also broken (although that can be taped up to stop it moving as the cable still runs freely). I think that I’m going to put/leave the manual winders in for now just so I can get it back on the road in a drivable condition to get it to a body shop to fix the rest of it! While it’s there, I can look at repair kits/replacement regulators to fix the electric mechanism and refit that at a later date.
  3. Thanks for posting that, I'd seen it in my research this morning, but reading around the topic suggested it was a conversion (driven by broken electric windows...😁) It must be an error in the door cards I'm looking at, as the passenger one has a hole for the manual winder, but the driver's one has the square hole for the switches. Back to the drawing board!
  4. I’m trying to get my G60 back on the road, and am considering making the step from electric to manual (one of the cable sheaths snapped in removing the regulator). I’ve found some door cards, for manual windows but think that there should be a blanking plate for where the manual winding mechanism to which the handle attaches, where it protrudes through the door card in place of the electric window switch. if anyone has a photo of the arrangement they can post up, I’d be most grateful! Thanks.
  5. A white VR6 (?) on the A658 by Harrogate about 08:00 this morning.
  6. Thanks, although I’m not going to take credit for coming up with the idea....the doors I picked up from the breaker had been disconnected in the same way, and I though, “that’s a good idea!” 😂
  7. A few hours well spent after work today, means that the driver's door is off. The actual removal of the door isn't too bad, it's getting at, tracing and removing the wiring connectors that was the pain! Much easier when you've moved the fuse box out of the way! The wiring looms for the old door and the replacement older door are different, so I'll have to transfer them.
  8. Yes, good work. I have the thermostat to replace on mine, but as I did the matrix as a preventative measure a few years ago, I'm hoping to get away without similar issues. I've just finished removing the driver's door on mine!
  9. Well, If it doesn't have to be a car (sorry), I'd love a Kawasaki H2R. Do I have the talent to ride it to its full capacity? Hell no. Do I love the fact that they looked at a 1000cc bike and thought - 'that needs a supercharger?' Oh hell yes! Car wise, that's trickier, but probably an AC Ace with a Bristol engine. Partly because my dad had one that I never saw because he sold it long before I was born, but mostly because I think the design is quite handsome.
  10. That is exactly that I needed! Thank you very much! I'll take plenty of shots of the window progress to try and return the favour. I've already replaced the rivets with bolts on the passenger side, so that should make things a bit easier....
  11. Thanks for the kind words all, yes I do love Sebrings, they are easily my favourite Corrado wheel (I had a set on my Mk2 GTD as well). I made a start on swapping the doors over last night, I think I just need to drill out and swap the mechanisms over. If by any chance, someone has a mk2 golf or Corrado window winding handle they could lend me, that might make life easier! Hope to get the doors swapped over to make it drivable. Any tips on bonding in a rear window greatly appreciated....
  12. Made a start on swapping the doors over in an attempt to make it drivable again!
  13. Ah ha, found my old topic from....wow.. .. Over 6 years ago. Well as my thread on PH is over 14 pages, and I'm not typing it all out again, the very quick summary is: Went to JMR, spent a lot of money on unexpected problems. Drove it, upgraded headlights, added oil cooler, fixed bits and pieces (door handles, bonnet cables, top mounts etc.), changed clocks, went to Le Mans, went round Snetterton, got caught speeding (oops), had the charger refurbed again (and again after oil seal failure). It got broken into last weekend and is currently awaiting attention at a bodyshop. I have a list of things still to do, and will keep updating here as well as Pistonheads. In the mean time, here's a picture from January.
  14. Thought I recognised the username! 😁 Also, I'm going there's not too many other G60 owners needing new doors out there....!
  15. I just got my doors and glass from Retro Performance in Thornaby as he had an early 16v in. Top chap, very reasonable price for the parts too, but I'm not sure if he's a regular breaker or if it was a happy accident (he did have some cool older VWs in the yard though).
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