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  1. How’s the rado looking ?? Would love to see some pics :-) We miss her ..
  2. For everybody's info wondering what there car is worth or what ones going to cost them we received £3300 for the car and that was to a dealer. Hold on tight there on the up. We miss her already, Enjoy your cars lovely people
  3. Cheers, I'm wondering if it's a sign and I should be putting her into storage for 10 years...
  4. hi all She is still there and for sale... It sold on eBay with the bidder asking no questions and after bidding 3k offered a few hundred quid without even looking at it. It's £3k and a good one :-)
  5. Thats us :-) You lot are quick of the mark
  6. Hi all, Again all odds its listed on a well known auction site... Simon who came to purchse we thought had fallen in love, had a drive said it was better than he had thought paid a deposit... Then shortly after i had a message saying due to problems his end and things out of his control he would be pulling out???? Have had so much interest thought running an auction was the fairest way then you all get a look in . Good luck
  7. Yep afraid so, sold to reggiebaby AKA Simon, hope he will enjoy and nurture her back to her former glory and enjoy her as much as we have... Thanks for all your help
  8. Yep there a few rust spot in various panel. Subject to collection is sold to SIMON Who is viewing Sunday am, if there are any problems I'll keep you all posted
  9. The wing mirror was broken of my the local riff raff but think I have a spare and I think. The parcel shelf is I the loft, I'll be sorting them out this weekend. P.s 07980 873077 if anyone has questions Thanks Olly
  10. She has cover 145k miles and is based in Melksham Wiltshire sn12
  12. [ATTACH=CONFIG]83289[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]83290[/ATTACH]Well it's cost £108 to get through a mot which I think says a lot.. And £15 of that was some fresh fuel and £40 was the mot fee. These pics where at dusk I will get back to the car Saturday for some decent pics It's also been to the local Car was and had scrubbed up really well.. £3000 and it's yours....so genuine..[ATTACH=CONFIG]83288[/ATTACH]
  13. Your not making easy for us... The problem is we have 3 boys ( they aren't always a problem) She's got to go we are coming to terms... Is there a helpline for people like us?? Pics will be coming as soon as she returns
  14. Right it is for sale... Location is sn12 Wiltshire And mileage is 140something I will get it mot'd and back to base camp Monday or Tuesday if anybody's interested:-(
  15. I few of you will have seen my posts on another storm wanted page. The question is what's my wife's pride any joy worth... It's hasn't been used for 6 years ( same age as our oldest son funny enough) It's been stored in a new, dry garage for most of the time Intill 18 months ago when it was mot'd and moved to a new garage :-) from last summer the poor girl has been outside and in need of a new home.. Machanically it's really good and always had been it started fine after sitting for 4ish years in its first garage with a jump start, I. Moved it last week for the first time since last summer... Jump leads on first turn..fuel is at least 5 years old. Body work is its down side with bubbles appearing in various corners and a scratch in a door and indicator has literally fallen out the passenger wing due to rust but the car is as straight and genuine as thay come. It's a little green inside. It had the wheels professionally refurbed in its last year of service. P zeros all round I think. Took it for a mot and it needs...( what a smile I had on my face ) Indicator sorting. Hand brake restored to some sort of function . On tyre have a cut in it. And fog light switch didn't work but was switched on and of a few times and know does.. I think I will put a pair of Avons on and get he hand brake sorted so it's got a ticket but what's it worth?? Of course it's the mystic blue with black.. The mot guy has offered us just over 2k.... It owes my wife who is the 3rd or 4th owner and had it since 2002 I think thousands is it worth more cleaned up with a mot?
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