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  1. Tizedes

    9a throttle body

    Good evening all, I am looking for sale a 9a throttle body but I am not sure which one is the right part. Two microswitch version or the potentiometer one? My car is from 95. If anyone can confrim and have it for sale would be great. Many thanks
  2. Good morning, I would like to buy couple of parts for my 95 2.0 16V Corrado. I am after a centre dash console(usable condition) and a heather control facia. Both from a late type Rado. Either of this sale please let me know. Have a good day. Cheers Adam
  3. Hi, Thank you for your question. Unfortunately she is still not working. I have tried much as i can but with no luck. I have tried to find a local electrician or mechanics but soon as I tell them how old is the car they do not want to do the job. I have a no idea what to do. Where do you live? Would you mind to came and see the car (obviously not for free :) ) Thanks
  4. Hi MZpog, How much do you want for a head? Is it for a 9a engine? Where the item is located? Thank you
  5. Hi Si, I will check it at the weekend. I mean no ignition spark at coil. Thank you for your help. Adam
  6. Hi Si, Thank you for your answer. Yes the engine crank over but no ignition and fuel does not go to the injectors. I have checked and I have a fuel income to the metering head. She has a separate unit behind the dash. I have checked the connector on it and a cable are all ok. Unfortunately it have already a lots of soldered cable and a I have checked those. I think the earth is a shell I tried to disconnect that cable and Vagcom lost the communication. The immobiliser cables goes to the same multi connector as the factory alarm but that one previously cut off. Does the immobiliser has to have a negative connection to the battery or the earth is enough? Ignition switched replaced as well after this problem. Adam
  7. Good evening Everyone, I know a lots of topic about this but I cannot find the right information. I have a 2.0 16v 1995 Rado. Couple of month ago my car suddenly stopped after a few metres I could not start just after a few attempts. Few weeks later first ignite in the morning. Switched on for a second after this stopped and never start since that. Checked her with Vagcom 1 fault found 00546 Data wiring faulty, 27-00 Implausible Signal. I have check all the wires I have tried the Wd40 trick on the connections but I cold not figure out What is wrong. Any common problem what is case this or how can I disconnect the immobiliser? Does anyone knows a good mobile car electrician around Heathrow? Please help me I want her back :( Any help much appriciate Cheers Adam
  8. That is a throttle position sensor I think. I tried that type but doesn't really work on my 95 valver the other one better. But thank you for your help.
  9. On my pic the left one is the original one micro-switch right bottom the other right top of the throttle.
  10. Yes that what I had originally on mine. Two microswitch one for close othe one for full open. Thank for your answer.
  12. MAybe you are right. This morning one point the car was running very well other moment was not good. I think might be an electric issue or fuel related problem Hal of the car already changed : Fuel filter, distibutor cap, rotor arm. 2 different set ht lead tried, injector replaced, cleaned the inlet manifold, ecu sensor changed in the engine,spark plugs, fuel relay. Vacuum hoses checked and replaced(2.0 16v does not have too much) No idea what else I can check or change. I do not want to give up but really annoying.
  13. It has the the original injection system. I fitted the tps sensor throttle at the weekend but does not work very well. Idle is lumpy and low rpm better than with the other throttle but after 4000 rpm no power. When the microswitch one fitted the idle was ok but sometimes I had a lot of power sometimes not. Looks like the wiring loom changed as well. I do not even know what ecu it has. Stealth racing have fitted the kr cam and the bigger manifold so maybe that time fitted the kr throttle for some reason. I am taking to pieces the throttle and give it a good clean and put back. I will see. Do you know how can I take the throttle valve out?
  14. I bought it from the forum but from someone else. Are you sure the the throttle pot fitted one the right version? What this for the micro switch one? Thank you for your answer.
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