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  1. DOH! Now i kno how comes the seller had loads of them to sell and why they were so happy when i bought it!!!! :|
  2. Cheers for the link Jim - found it on amazon.co.uk for £67 - the other one i got was only £10 off ebay :) Yeh the engine bay did look cramped when i saw it - i was used to the golf 1.6 where there is plenty of room etc. Thanks again for the G60 hints n tips - i now feel ready to go back n see the car again and check out the service history - if the charger is still the original one i plan to ask the guy to knock about £350 off the asking price - as this is how much a rebuild would cost i think (am i right?). Right - im gonna get back to revising for my final exams now :( dreams of a Corrado at the end of all the exams is one thing that is keeping me going! :)
  3. Thanks Jim, interesting to hear that about the number of miles etc - i think i would be travelling somewhere in the region of 300 miles a week + extra trips here n there. In the summer i was travelling 150miles a day in my golf and it got through the whole summer with only a radiator hiccup which was resolved relatively painlessly :) I will check out G-Werks - i was just readin some old threads and it seemed to be the place to go for service - didnt kno it was in west sussex - that isnt too far at all. Are Corrados easy to maintain in terms of things like oil changes and the usual regular maintenance? I assume they would be - i am asking as our family got a Merc A-Class and planned to do things like that our selves, but its a nightmare to try n work on - mainly due to the engine position and total lack of service manuals out there at the moment! Lastly, what service manual do u recommend? I bought a Potter's one that was meant to cover Golfs/ Scirroccos/Corrados - but after getting it i saw the G60 is not coevered :(
  4. Cheers for the quick reply Jim - and the great advice too - very helpful indeed. I live in South West London, well greater London - close to Wimbledon. One of the reasons i am still so interested in this car is that it is literally just 5minutes away from my house.. seems a bit of divine planning if u ask me... :D ... due to this i have been to see the car (well just drive past n check its still there!) about 5 times already :roll: I have to say that when looking through the service history i had to rush it - and i did plan to go back and have a proper look with mechanic friend of mine - i remember going through the service history back to about 75,000 miles - and the MoT sertificates are there i believe - i think its a FSH, will confirm soon. I need a car that can handle a lot of usage - and i've found Golfs to be great for this - and having read other threads on this forum u guys seem to say that a G60 can be driven everyday no problem - thanks for mentioning those places to take the car for service - do you know places in the London area that could do the same sort of thing? One last thing - have you guys heard of Expert Tecnik? Anyone here used them before? Are they recommended? Thanks again!
  5. Hi guys, My first post here! I currently drive a 1.6 Mk 2 golf (1989) and going from uni to full time employment means that i can now afford that Corrado i've wanted for a while. The buying guide here is excellent. I went to see a 1992 1.8 G60 with 160,000 on the clock - the car looked in good shape for the millage and there was a good amount of service history. I had read how it was so important that the charger had been replaced/rebuilt or serviced. When i told the guy selling it (who was an ex-used car sales man who picked it up at an auction! So he says!) that with G60 they need their charger replaced every 50,000 miles he seemed worried - and said he didnt kno if it had been done - but left me with a MASSIVE stack of service history for the car to look through! My naive questions are i) what exactly will the charger service/replacement/ refurb be listed under? ii) Is just servicing the charger good enough? iii) Please complete the following for me - "with 160,000 on the clock i would not buy the car if the charger had not been serviced since before ______ miles" iv) Also if the car has been well looked after - which it appears to be - what sort of life can i expect out of this car? (Silly question without the car being inspected i kno - but what sort of experiences have u G60 guys had?) v) The car had an MoT done the day before i went to see it - and got through with no problems. How much can i take this as a measure for what shape its in (sorry for being so inexperienced!!) The guy is askin for £2,250 for it - i think he will take £2,000 cos people seem to be put off by the high millage. Thanks in advance for ur help - sorry if some of these issues have been dealt with already! :)
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