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  1. Hi, My heater blower gave up the ghost a while ago. I've purchased a new blower, however, the resistor I have has 5 pins whereas the majority on sale only have 4 pins... can anyone advise how I get the right part? The part number is 536959263... any help appreciated! Thanks Ed
  2. Glad it arrived and it's the right part... can't wait to get this sorted as such an eye sore on am otherwise immaculate interior.
  3. Hi Graham, looks promising - thanks for sharing. When removing my surround it has a different part no. shown in photo - is your car a post 93 model/VR6? Or does your existing one have the same part no. as mine? [ATTACH=CONFIG]85551[/ATTACH]
  4. Thanks for the info and responses - still after a late Vr6 passenger wing... Cheers!
  5. Welcome - I'm in Bournemouth too, I think there was talk of a meet up at some point so should get it in the diary as spring approaches. Car looks nice
  6. Just to confirm - what is the cut off between early and late type wings? Is it 1993 onwards for late? Does it matter if I got a late type wing off a different model other than a VR? Or is the VR a specific wing? Thanks
  7. Thanks - after late type but can only see the early ones available. Thanks for the info, there's a specialist welder based in Poole called Tricketts Wedling so may see if they wany to repair it. Anyone used them before?
  8. Ahh... ok cool, yeah don't think the chap fancied the repair to it so may look at a specialist shop. If anyone does have them going spare, please let me know 👍👍
  9. Hi, Had my car at the body shop recently to get some car park dings removed and the chap has said that I have rust blister on the front passenger arch. Looking to get a replacement. It's for a 1993 VR6 - will any early type wing fit? Also, if anyone has a drivers side also I would be interested in the pair. Willing to collect if a reasonable distance from Bournemouth. Thanks, ED
  10. Hi, I have an auto and initially I was convinced I'd want to get the manual conversion done... not that I've done a few thousand miles in it, I actually love the gear box. It can be a bit 'droaney' going up hill when in 2/3rd gear but other than that it's fine for driving either around town or a doddle on the motorway. I've recently had the ATF and filter change done and it's super responsive. If you have the book pack with the car pre-93 models have a manual Economy/Sport switch next to the gear stick and 93 onwards autos done away with this and the throttle response dictates which mode it switches too - essentially you only have to blip the throttle quickly to enage sport (as opposed to floor it to engage the klick down) and it changes down and up seamlessly. It's pretty cool for a auto from the 90s - my previous car was an Merc SL320 1996 model with a 5 speed box and the Corrado's is definately superior despite having one less gear. I'd give it a shot and see if you can live with it - may not be to your liking but, having done c.200 miles over the past few days, I enjoyed every mile :)
  11. I know this is an old thread but has anyone ever tried this??
  12. ed_d82


    Hi waski186 - apologies, the grill has been sold to Grizzly Bear. Will get some more pics of the hoses.
  13. ed_d82


    Hi, I'm no expert on these I'm afraid! The part no. reads: GOODRIDGE SVW0605-6P-CF VW CORRADO G60 (A) 88-93 Hope that helps.
  14. ed_d82


    Hi, I have a couple of bits for sale from the previous owner - all appear to be in tact and in unopened condition. for the grill I would say that the black tube has an expiry of Oct 2014 so whoever buys will potentially need new mastic and be good at German (appears to be a German brand and the instructions are in Deutsche) :) Reiger RT020 badgeless front grill. All fixings and mastic (as above out of date but may be OK): [ATTACH=CONFIG]85152[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85153[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85154[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85155[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85156[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85157[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85158[/ATTACH] Set of Goodridge braided hoses - again, appear to be unopened but there are only two in the box?? [ATTACH=CONFIG]85159[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85160[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85161[/ATTACH] Delivery for the gill will be £6 and hoses £5 - open to offers on both, thanks.
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