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  1. Thanks for the quick replies. Does anyone have experience of using Child Seats in a Corrado? I expect they don’t have the isofix points in the back. Cheers.
  2. Hi all. Long-ish time lurker here. What are your thoughts on using a Corrado as a daily, doing around 7,000 miles per year with almost daily use? For me, it would need to live outside and be used with car seats. Is this doable or is it pie in the sky? Specifically: • Will it rust badly outside? Can this be prevented or at least slowed? • Will car seats go in? • What sort of maintenance budget would it need? This assumes I get a well sorted one to start with. Many thanks in advance for opinions.
  3. Asking price reduced to £9,995. Does anyone know how to edit the thread title?
  4. Probably the same one. This one was Chuggs's from this forum. I didn't intend to change it to black leather, but some seats became available and I went for it. Enjoyed the project, but unfortunately, financial circumstances have changed so I need to sell it.
  5. Hi Elliot. It's had 7 previous owners. It did quite a few miles in its first year but very few after that so it's been well looked after despite having a few owners. There's loads of receipts for work done. If you're still looking for one drop me a text/call/email. Cheers
  6. NOW SOLD Hi folks. For sale is my 1995 VW Corrado VR6 in Blackberry with heated black leather seats and very low mileage (57,750). ASKING PRICE: SOLD SOLD SOLD This one is also for sale on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323016684546 and the ebay listing is replicated below. If you're looking for a really nice Corrado in a great colour combination that needs nothing doing to it, then this is the right one. It's currently ready to enjoy. Or, with a small amount of effort it would become a show-winner. I will add more photos as soon as there is a decent day to take them! DETAILS: 1995 (M) VW Corrado VR6 First Reg: 31 May 1995 Colour: Blackberrry Interior: Black Heated Leather Mileage: 57,750 MOT: 12 October 2018 Gearbox: Manual No modifications (except for Golf Mk IV upgraded brakes and Bilstein B8 dampers) CD Player Alarm / immobiliser fitted SERVICING AND MAINTENANCE The Corrado comes with a large history file with tons of detail on all the servicing and maintenance, right back to 1995 when it was new. It includes many invoices showing regular maintenance. It has always been well attended to with matters such as oil, filters, leads, spark plugs, hoses , brakes etc. quickly sorted. There is a full service history with 17 service stamps in the book. Service history: · Delivery inspection - 2 June 1995 · Service - 3 November 1995 at 7,076 miles · Service - 23 May 1996 at 10,380 miles · Service - 21 November 1996 at 13,627 miles · Service - 15 November 1997 at 18,900 miles · Service - 7 November 1998 at 22,326 miles · Service - 13 November 1999 at 25,980 miles · Service - 18 November 2000 at 29,205 miles · Service - 16 November 2001 at 31,605 · Service - 30 May 2003 at 34,476 miles · Service - 1 December 2004 at 38,282 miles · Service - 31 May 2005 at 39,374 miles · Service - 2 June 2006 at 41,085 miles · Service - 29 May 2008 at 43,997 miles · Service - 18 May 2011 at 50,883 miles · Service - 24 September 2013 at 53,397 miles · Service - 31 October 2014 at 54,029 miles · Service - 30 October 2015 at 55,528 miles CONDITION: This Corrado is in really nice condition, as you’d expect for such low mileage. The engine and gearbox are running really well, and the car pulls hard as a VR6 should. The engine note is fantastic. The paintwork is excellent with just a few minor blemishes, and a 1cm scratch near the rear license plate. All small issues. The wheels are the original speedlines in very good condition. NO CORROSION The black leather is all in really nice condition with barely a mark on it. Even the driver's bolster has no wear (this is normally tatty and worn) All of the common problem areas are working fine: · Sunroof works perfectly · Rear spoiler works perfectly · Heater works on all four positions · ABS light comes on then goes off as it should · Heated seats work perfectly ALSO COMES WITH All old MOT certificates All old tax discs 1995 Corrado official VW brochure Please PM, call or email me if you are interested. 07946 424352 [email protected] Payment can be made by bank transfer. Alternatively, cash or cheque but I will have to wait till that clears in my account before releasing the car.[ATTACH=CONFIG]91453[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]91450[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]91447[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]91456[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]91459[/ATTACH]
  7. Cheers Stew. Slim pickings for S3 at that price sadly - typically well over 100k miles which I didn't want to do. Anyone else got thoughts on the Leon Cupra? Or alternatively, there are Focus ST's available with reasonable mileage. Anyone driven one of those much?
  8. Yes, I saw it had been taken from a Storm. That's why I wondered if it's the only one of its kind, since it wasn't a factory option. Looks good I think! Ashtray totally ruins it though!
  9. Blackberry with cream leather. Not seen one like that before. Is it the only one? Rarer than a Campaign!
  10. Hi all I'm considering getting a Seat Leon as a daily driver. I'm currently in a E46 M3 but I think I'll tuck it away for Winter. Looking to spend around the £6k mark on a Leon Cupra R. This would have to be about a 2007 model, with reasonable mileage (say 60k). Does anyone with experience of these cars think it's a good idea? Or is there a better alternative for that sort of budget? If it's a good idea, is there a particular variant that I should look for? cheers!
  11. Isn't this the one that was with Fast Classics for a while?
  12. Quick reminder that this has just over 24 hours to run on eBay. Current bid is only £94 so grab a bargain! eBay link. Done this on a phone so you might have to copy and paste it. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Corrado-Full-Interior-Grey-late-VR6-seats-hump-door-cards/322842200628?fits=Model%3ACorrado&hash=item4b2ae50a34%3Ag%3AIPwAAOSw-QZZ2pvy&_trkparms=pageci%253A0423b785-bc04-11e7-9af9-74dbd180c2f8%257Cparentrq%253A63fdf72515f0a9c97001cc58fffc8c9b%257Ciid%253A1
  13. When you cleaned under the arches, and it went from a dull grey to bright paintwork, what did you use to clean it? Was it just a clean or did you do any painting as well? The transformation was great. Cheers.
  14. Hi Stew. Yes, the leather is all in. It looks great. The repaired bit is fine. I didn't do the fitting, but the guy who did has got it all to fit nicely. Just waiting for some dry weather now! Did you get the cards into your car ok?
  15. Picture of Passenger Seat now added. This item now has bids on eBay so if you're interested, please bid before it ends on Sunday 29th October at 7:30 pm.
  16. A few more items added including centre console with no damage which is pretty hard to find.
  17. This is now for sale on eBay with a £70 start. Link in first post.
  18. Price updated to £99 for the carpet set.
  19. Floor mats sold, so advert updated.
  20. Hi Spen. Just seen your note about the tailgate trim. Sure, I can box up the trim and the mats. I could do the mats for £15 if that works. I might have to parcel the mats and the trim separately as they're such different shapes. Let me know if you're keen to go ahead, and i'll sort it out. cheers
  21. Hi Spen, I could box them up for you. Do you want all the bottom four items on the list? i.e. lock surround, moulding, big cover piece and right, left, top, bottom trim? Cheers
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