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  1. The fuse is good mate, although i noticed it was a 30A and from the photo I have it should be fuse 6 which is 20A
  2. Thanks mate, I’ll check the fuse now
  3. Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times before but I’ve only just bought a Corrado after a 18 year break and 18 years ago everything worked. My heater control doesn’t work on any setting and I can’t see. It seems to be slightly warm as after a while it SLOWLY demists but I’d like it working Any help much appreciated
  4. im in the process of changing the look of my rado and am going to sell my BBS RC`s which are 17`s. silver with gold inners. they are in excellent condition with one wheel having a very slight kerbing. they are fitted with basically new tyres. anyone have any idea what i should be asking for them or anyone on here wanting a set
  5. I’m looking for the same but have heard of some mental prices....£12,000 plus vat !!!!!!
  6. Hi, I’m looking for a Corrado with a r32 engine...any about ? Or any mint vr’s Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, I’m looking for a Corrado with a r32 engine...any about ? Thanks in advance
  8. I’ll give you a call tomorrow mate as it’s late.
  9. Hey, is the rado still for sale my friend ?
  10. Hi, for some reason I can not see the photos. Would you be so kind to be able to assist me Thank you
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