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  1. If I have cash left over after Xmas Mark I will take them,Dox you are right and i do grab spare parts most of the time.If my interior had ripped and sagging bolsters I would be all over this like a rash but my later interior is tidy bar a couple of rub lines on the drivers bolster.The only reason I want them is maybe at some point I would like to get me interior back to original and that rear bench would have twisted my arm.
  2. Hi Mark Hope you did not think I was wasting your time but I have asked the guy selling the rear bench on eBay 3 times if he will post the bench and He does not bother to reply.Without them its not going to be worth me doing. Cheers Dazz
  3. Would it be worth asking an upholsterer how much they would charge to change them ? Can you contact me by text on my mobile bud will PM the number .
  4. Hi Mark Hold onto these for me for a day or 2 Am going to do some research on changing these. I may well have them off you as these are the original for my car,at the moment I have the later interior and the cloth is starting to go on the Bolster. I need to know how hard they are to change?
  5. Ask them to push it into the car park and go down and fit it yourself Bud
  6. Cheers Bud It is a new problem that has steadily got worse. I am going to change the fuel pump on Sunday as I think this is the issue. It has the original pierburg in it since new and the car has 150.000 miles on it since new and they recommend changing after 100,000 so think its best to try that as it was hesitating slightly even before the cam went in.
  7. Ok thanks all. My Co2 pot is reading 700 but does not seem to be running over lean ? Will check the rest,
  8. Well I have tried a tested switch M8 so its not the switch so it must be the motors. Do you have a pair. If so what you wanting BUD
  9. Cheers Stu Also after much reading one thing I have not checked is the CO Pot the car may be running lean so will check that tonight. As for you Cressa you are a stupid English Kniggit LoL
  10. Wow not one reply ! Has this forum died or is it because I is Welsh !
  11. Hi Graham Did the side repeaters sell after. Also does the mirror have a working motor in it Thanks
  12. Hi And No sorry M8 yours are the ones I still have they are better than the original that did not work at all so no complaints !
  13. After some advice for my G60. I have been getting surging at high revs and now and again at lower revs,the car idles fine at around 900 but drops a little now and again but think that`s when the fan comes in she pulls off smoothly and drives ok apart from this surging. I have a Neuspeed road race cam an anti lag chip and a 72mm pully is this a fueling or vacuum issue,would the standard fpr be ok with this setup or would it need a 3.5.Any ideas would be helpful thanks.
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