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  1. Provisionally sold pending collection...
  2. Removed from a 1997 model year Golf cabriolet yesterday. Includes ABS pump, master cylinder, pipes between pump and m/c, dashboard warning light, full ABS loom including the separate one for the warning light on the dash, All wiring carefully removed, no cuts to the looms, although I did cut the wiring at the rear sensors (they wouldn't come out of the hubs unfortunately) incase you want to splice the wiring of your original sensors(most just fit the correct Golf rear sensors so then it's plug and play) Unsure what it's worth as a kit, so let's start at ยฃ95 and barter from there. Ideally all to be collected from Nottingham if possible. Thanks for looking.
  3. The bags, or quite often large parcels could be quite heavy. Larger jobs had skips on site, but you needed to have a waste carriers license if taking it away in a van. Asbestos garage removal was fairly physical as I recall, as was unloading it from the van at the other end for disposal. Stripping out artex ceilings from houses was another favourite. Lugging bags of plasterboard always kept me fit and active ๐Ÿ˜„
  4. Yeah, asbestos removal isn't glamorous. As part of my job, I had to do on site audits for our company, and the regulations have to be adhered to 100%. We were lucky, the half a dozen lads we had were spot on, but there were some out there(generally agency lads) that should've been kicked out of the trade despite having their certificates to say they were capable. Glad I never had to do notifiable work as an operative ๐Ÿคจ
  5. I left the motor trade back in 2010 at nearly 40 years old and went into asbestos removal (the money is the best I have ever earned). I was lucky in the fact that I had a friend in the business who was willing to take me on as a newbie and train me up doing an office role and minor works, rather than jobs that required HSE notification. Lasted a couple of years doing this(the office side of things was not for me), but the motor trade lured me back into it's dark twisted web, and whilst my current wages aren't anything to write home about, job satisfaction and stress levels are much better.
  6. I had a similar problem on a 1993 B3 Passat VR6 estate years ago. It didn't actually cut out whilst driving, but occasionally if I turned the car off after driving a while, it would refuse to restart until it had cooled down. In frustration one night, I booted the underside of the dashboard whilst I was cranking the car, and it fired up. Turns out the ECU relay was getting hot and the coils inside expanding to the point that they would no longer operate until things cooled down. Until the new relay arrived, I just used to flick the top of the relay whilst cranking the engine and it would fire up ๐Ÿ‘
  7. Normal top mounts on mine. Buy good quality parts though. Never had any issues with Lemforder or Febi/Bilstein stuff in the past.
  8. For hoses, you could try Bonding & Reline Services at Leicester. They made me all the automatic gearbox oil cooler pipes for my old BMW 635, a combination of metal and flexible pipes, came in around ยฃ110 the lot.
  9. No worries. At work till around 9 or 10 ish but doing my own stuff so can reply.
  10. If you get any problems, you can always mail the rack down to me at work and I'll take it in for you.
  11. I just walked in off the street(admittedly in work branded clothes) and dealt with Chris, didn't have any problems... ๐Ÿค”
  12. As it comes back to you all done and refurbished... Installed on the car...
  13. How good and original is the rest of the car? If it's pretty good and in standard condition other than for the paintwork, I'd be inclined to keep it as it left the factory with a fresh coat of paint. In the not too distant future, unmolested cars will be worth much more due to their rarity. If however it's pretty ropey (as my Moonlight blue VR is) then change it to whatever you fancy. Being a painter, only your imagination is your limit ๐Ÿ˜€
  14. Not a million miles away from me, an easy run up the A46/A1. Usually attend the Volksworld show with work at the end of March(23/24 this year) so keep me posted.
  15. I would imagine they wouldn't put any warranty on customer supplied parts. You could always sell what you already have and recoup some money back towards the new rack.
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