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  1. Hi, ive been searching for answers to this problem for a couple weeks now and idk if im just not using the right words to describe it or if its just an uncommon problem. The issue im having is, my car "jumps" randomly. By this i mean acts like its about to cut out and maybe die, like when your young and new to a standard you might accidently try take off in third if in a hurry and the car jumps and stalls out. Well my car doesnt stall out and acts normal when i take it back out of gear and put it back in once or twice and boom good to go. Car starts easy and idles fine, im wondering if it could be the clutch? Since when it jumps if i just pull it out of gear it idles fine in neutral and for the most part after being put back in gear takes off just fine. Thank you for your time and if possible your help
  2. Thank you very much for the info. So with vag com ill just be able to read codes? Wont be able to do any of the "tricks/features" for examples door chiming, dyno, washer fluid warning off etc etc? If thats the case then might as well just build one of those led test lights and flash the codes i suppose. I also read that you can swap out the obd1 2x2 plugs with nearly any ob2 plug which seems like a wonderful idea if i do go ahead and get vag com. Just really dont wana dump all that cash on it if im only able to do the same things i could with blinking codes.
  3. Hello, I have been searching a little while to find out if my 1992 vw corrado 2.8l vr6 obd1 can be properly read/diagnosed with vag com? Would i be better off puting in an led test like thing( doesnt have check engine light) and "flashing" codes. Also ive been reading alot on how to do that as well and ive found a lot of mixed descriptions. Some say jump pin 4 and 15. Others say jump brown wire from black scan connector and yellow from right IIRC. I have a bentley and im working on reading through it...and figuring out how exactly to find what im looking for lol. Sorry if i looked over anything in search and wasted anyones time with a new post.
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